Enhance Communication with Retail Planograms

Enhance Communication with Retail Planograms 150 150 Scorpion Italian

For retailers, especially those who manage multiple stores, it’s important to have clear communication with staff members. Retailers who use planograms to guide product placement, category management, and general store layout, can amplify their ability to communicate ideas across large teams. As a result, stores can increase sales and ensure customer loyalty.

But not every planogram is created equal. The most advanced planograms offer 3D capabilities and are built to ensure your success!

If you are a retailer looking to increase your advantage and drive sales, don’t overlook important capabilities within the best retail planogram software. Consider how you can use these tools to improve communication with retail teams.

Planograms Act as Powerful Communication Tools

A planogram is typical viewed as a basic schema of a store’s layout. Take the architectural drawings required before a building is constructed, for instance. Like architectural designs that act as a guide for contractors, planograms offer a blueprint to retailers which, in turn, enables them to best utilise space within a given store.  

Retailers with multiple stores can use planograms to help them visualise how products will be placed within each store. Product placement can then be optimised to guarantee higher profits. That’s due to the fact that planograms enable retailers to understand where to place each product to attract more customers.

Our planograms, however, provide far more advantages than a blueprint. In fact, Scorpion Planogram software, for instance, acts as a powerful communication tool that helps retailers see and share the big picture with their team. Since our software provides insights from the customer’s perspective, retail teams can make better decisions. These tools, built with collaboration capabilities, represent the next generation of retail technology solutions.

Communicate and Collaborate with Scorpion Planogram

There are multiple scenarios where retailers benefit from using planogram as a communication tool. One such scenario involves collaboration among a retailer, team members across several stores, and the planogram design team (usually those working in the store’s head office). Generally speaking, the process usually involves the following processes:

  1. Retailers use our retail software to design planograms and share designs with staff members across different stores.
  2. Team members see designs in real-time and implement planograms in their stores.
  3. Team members report results gained from the implementation of a planogram which design team can see in real-time.
  4. Team members comment on planograms and recommendation changes, where necessary
  5. Retailers review recommendations, see in-store sales and make relevant modifications to planograms
  6. Team members then implement updated planograms and showcase results to the head office

Manage Planogram Compliance in Multiple Stores

With our software, retailers can manage planogram compliance with ease. That’s because comments and changes to planograms occur in real-time. Scorpion Planogram, thus, acts as a communication platform for retailers eager to drive results through the use of retail technology.

Though some retailers fail to make the most of planograms, this need not be your experience. Any retailer, regardless of skill set, can use our technology to enhance communication and collaborate more effectively with team members across multiple stores.