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Why Your Retail Store Needs Planogram Technology

Why Your Retail Store Needs Planogram Technology 601 430 Scorpion Italian

We live in a tremendously competitive age. Retailers must constantly ask themselves questions that will help them understand the needs of their consumers. These include questions like: 1) What do my customers want? 2) How can I create a better customer experience?

This approach is important. After all, unless retailers understand shopping from the consumer’s perspective, their stores will really be a thing of the past. By taking advantage of technology, visionary incumbents — those who recognise the need for innovation — showcase their ability to adapt and take advantage of a changing retail industry.

That’s one of the reasons I love working in the planogram space. This niche within retail wields big impact! Impact that clients, who face fierce competition online, are wise to add to their toolkit for success and growth.

Tools like planogram software empower retail professionals as they harness real-time insights from data. These tools make it easier to predict consumer behaviour and target shoppers. In essence, innovative planograms give retailers the ability to make better decisions that ultimately impact sales.

Double Sales with Visual Merchandising

Much has changed since my start as a provider of retail solutions more than 21 years ago. In the past decade alone, technological advancements transformed consumers — and the retail environment — in unprecedented ways.

Today’s empowered consumers can access more information and choices. The result is a direct challenge to the “business-as-usual” mentality held by many professionals within the industry. By integrating planogram software solutions in every aspect of merchandising, retailers access significant advantages, including an increase in sales.

For instance, consider how planogram technology takes advantage of visual merchandising and interior design tips to improve the overall in-store experience of consumers.

Planogram tools give retailers more control over the arrangement of merchandise. By using planogram technology to optimise product placement, they increase sales. After all, placing products in the ideal locations within a store will help consumers easily find and ultimately purchase the merchandise they seek.

In fact, the gains associated with visual merchandising are quite exceptional.

A report by McKinsey entitled “The future of retail: How to make your bricks click” details some of these advantages. It stated that retailers who innovate through the “expansion of both the range and presentation of merchandise can double sales.”

Data-informed Planogram Software that Facilitates Better Decision Making

Informed decision-making is at the heart of what makes leading professionals successful in their fields. This is true for the retailer whose task it is to respond to the needs of empowered consumers and a rapidly changing industry.

Planograms offer the power to navigate a changing space. Retailers who use these tools access crucial data that can predict consumer behaviour. This in turn, will result in improved decision-making. Retailers will be able to increase range and determine product placement based on the needs of their customers.

But how can retailers use data to make difference in their store’s performance?

How Planogram Tools Use Data to Impact Business

Planogram software works best when it provides integrated insights on a customisable platform. As retail professionals access such tools they can automate processes and improve the customer experience. Advantages include better product placement, expansion of range and restocking of merchandise.

Retailers don’t need to be data scientists. They simply need the right tools to get the job done. Of course, choosing the right planogram tools can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. Learn more by reading this guide.

Feel free also to ask any questions below so I can help you more easily navigate the choices available to you.