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You have products to sell. That’s why you need Scorpion — our groundbreaking planogram platform that transforms your brands onto fixtures in an immersive, interactive, and intuitive visual experience where you explore your brands from a consumers perspective. Design 2D planograms that look stunning then navigate in an immersive 3D environment.


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Our intuitive platform for planogram designs, scenario based planning and creative pictorials of your brands on shelf.

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Virtual 3D

Our High End Virtual Environment – view your planograms, branding, point of sale and entire category from a consumers perspective.

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Specialised real time analysis – insights on brand and category performance, linked to space. Onscreen insights as you design planograms.

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Check out our Scorpion demo to get a feel for the basics. Then, learn about Scorpion’s amazing features by watching our expert videos here!

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Check out our Scorpion demo to get a feel for the basics. Then, learn about Scorpion’s amazing features.

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Check out our Scorpion demo to get a feel for the basics. Then, learn about Scorpion’s amazing features.

virtual 3D

Check out our Scorpion demo to get a feel for the basics. Then, learn about Scorpion’s amazing features.


Read about our Company to see what we do. Then, learn more about Retail Smart.

Scorpion Planograms: The Key Features

Brand merchandising & visual communication.
Here’s an effective way to do just that and gain invaluable insights:

Merchandising brands is so much easier with our new planogram design interface, offering a clutter free experience, with on board insights as you go. Utilising drag and drop interaction for shelf, bay and POS resizing and one touch product selection for product placement, designing planograms is ultra quick.

Create the ultimate visual representation of your brands on a realistic looking fixture including point of sale and ticketing. Switch on 3D to view your planogram from a consumers perspective and interact in a 3D virtual environment.

We make it easy for you to view what your consumers see in store with no extra work, just switch on 3D in Scorpion Planogram to render your planogram in a virtual environment and navigate them. Perfect for signing off brand packaging concepts, sales presentations, viewing Point of Sale ideas and FSDU design concepts. Your 2D and 3D planograms also benefit from powerful insights into brand performance, using reports charts and onscreen highlights, like hot spot analysis

Scorpion looks at your brands from a category perspective and calculates how much space on shelf is deserved, using a number of metrics, helping you build justifications for changes within the category.

Open a Scorpion planogram and instantly gain insights into recommended improvements to help gain additional sales for your brands or improve the total category performance. Our unique calculation engine drives recommendations for facings and days of supply, based on your requirements. Show onscreen hotspots and understand how many products make up a credible range.

Visualise Branding

Planogram Software

Scorpion retail planogram software; a powerful tool for optimising shelf space in your store or presenting new concepts to retailers. Planogram software is a merchandising solution which depicts how retail products will be displayed on shelf and in store. This easy-to-use retail planogram software ensures that the layout of your merchandise will be visually pleasing to consumers customers, whilst booting sales and profits Scorpion provides a full set of features and shelf design themes that offers retail solutions to transform the space in your business or help signoff in presentations. Whether you are looking for premium visuals in stunning 2D and 3D outputs or a full space planning optimisation with detailed shelf planning, this powerful tool can aid every retailer and supplier in their quest for the perfect visual merchandise format. Design your planogram on our intuitive platform in 2D, view your planograms in our high end virtual 3D and gain onscreen insights on brand and category performance linked to space, as you design, all with Scorpion.

Retail Planogram Solutions

For effect merchandising solutions that cater to your consumer needs, Scorpion can offer detailed planogramming. Shoppers look for products that are placed in aesthetically pleasing and logically located and without carefully constructed shelf planning and well thought out product range, shoppers will go elsewhere, where the stores cater for their needs. Planogram is a form of retail category management; it enables the best-selling products to have enough sell space and allows for visualisation of brands and shelf decoration. Scorpion planogram reduces the time needed planogramming, allowing your staff to focus on more pressing matters from market trends to other strategic issues. Planograms enhances each area of retail as they ensuring the correct range is displayed, products are stocked in the correct location, with the right quantity to maximise sales which in turn makes shopping a joy for your customers – as it should be.

Store Planning

Scorpion Planogram understands the importance of effectively managing your own store space and how store planning can impact on everything from your number of sales to your customer experience. Our software offers businesses the chance to visualise their shop floor in a way that has not been possible until today, through store planning. With the help of our store planning services and insight you can seamlessly manage your floor space to ensure the smooth running of your business on a daily basis.


The Scorpion retail planogram software allows you to see your shop floor come to life with detailed store planning drawings featuring expert sales data that will allow you to test our different scenarios when it comes to how to best layout your shop floor. If you are looking to maximise your profits with the assistance of accurate and straightforward performance enhancing software, then look no further than Scorpion Planogram Software.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing to structure your store via the Scorpion Planogram Software is that you are able to save yourself a great deal of time and money by testing out various store planning scenarios without all of the toil and strain of doing so. For access to our innovative store planning software or for more information, get in touch with Scorpion Planogram Software today.


Want to unlock your businesses’ full potential with planogram’s micro space planning software? We are more than happy to discuss your options, so please feel free to drop us a line for a full demo of our merchandising solution software and connect today.

Who’s Using Scorpion Planogramming

Retailers, manufactures, suppliers, design agencies & shop fitters for all retail sectors including, food, home furnishing, electrical, stationary, toys, fashion, healthcare and many more

Here are some of Scorpion’s users

Hamleys Banner


The Finest Toy Shop in the World

With stores all over the world, Hamleys use Scorpion to build and maintain planograms for most of the categories within their huge toy store portfolio.

Yoplait Yogurt Banner


One of the top yogurt brands in the world with 27.1% market share in the US. Scorpion is used for creating planograms and analysis to justify range changes for major grocery retailers.

Lincolnshire COOP Logo

Lincolnshire Co-op

A successful retail Co-operative based in Lincoln with over 250,000 members and 215 outlets. Lincolnshire Co-op use Scorpion to optimise instore shelf space to increase sales and profits.

Unipart Group Logo


A manufacturing, logistics and consultancy group, one of Britain’s largest privately owned company’s, employing over 8,000 worldwide. Unipart use Scorpion to design 2D and 3D planogram displays for retailers like Halfords, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and independent retailers.


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We changed planogram systems to Scorpion by Retail Smart as their 3D visuals worked seamless with 2D design, perfect for our FSDU designs. Creating planograms in Scorpion is so much quicker and easier to use, which means we save time on planogram design and analysis, no more outsourcing 3D visuals as Scorpion creates them for us.

Client Avatar 2

At Brakes we plan and merchandise complex display units and Scorpion is our choice of design software because its intuitive to use and has excellent visuals. Now we use Scorpion we can communicate much more complex displays to our clients in a more visual way offering the reports to back up our designs and merchandising methods.

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