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For 15 years we have been assisting our customers worldwide to increase their business profit and efficiency by supplying planogram software and services. We are a space planning software development and consultancy company and we have one goal in mind: help you design! We strive to achieve this goal by delivering the smartest and most intuitive merchandising software and by offering the best personal support. Everyone in our team has extensive experience and a passion for everything space planning related and are here to help you design.

Scorpion One is the unique platform that houses all your space planning applications in one software platform. Design your shelves, view your 3D fixtures, create your store plans and plan your assortment all within Scorpion One. By having three application in one space planning tool you can efficiently create your space plans and easily share these plans with others. It also means you don’t have to learn how to use several applications and it removes the need to update and link sales data between different applications. Scorpion One does this automatically for you. Interested? Read more.

Our clients hold a central position in our company. Our service does not stop with delivering the planogram software but continues throughout the life cycle of your planograms. We handhold you through the setup process, advise you on best practises and assist you with the design and creation of your first set of planograms. If you need any planogram assistance you can always directly contact your personal Scorpion planogram expert.


What Our Customer’s Are Saying…

What makes Scorpion planogram software so different?

Many retailers and manufacturers worldwide choose Scorpion planogram software as their preferred visual merchandising platform and we have asked our customers why they choose Scorpion and this is what they said:

  • Scorpion software makes the design process very easy due to their modern and intuitive software interface.
  • I can directly contact my personal Scorpion planogram expert if we need any assistance or help.
  • The ability to transform our planograms to 3D enables us to understand our designs and space on a different level absolute digital media.
  • Scorpion offers the full solution in one application and interface including planogram software, store planning software and range optimization software.

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