Scorpion Planogram Software for Suppliers

Why Scorpion Planogram Software?

We know how important brand visualization is for suppliers of all industries, that is why Scorpion has high impact visuals. We also are the only planogram software for suppliers with which you can change your 2D designs with one mouse click to 3D planograms. No need any more to spend days on mocking up inaccurate fixtures, with Scorpion you can design any fixtures and free standing display units within minutes. We have clients of all different sizes and industries; from suppliers who want a simple tool to design beautiful planograms for presentation purposes, to multinational suppliers who we assist with all of their complex needs. Regardless of your industry, the planogram design process can be very time and costs consuming without the right tools. This is where we come in. Scorpion planogram software for suppliers enables you to quickly design professional planograms with high impact visuals and intelligent insights. These insights into your categories and individual products is essential for buy-in presentations. We have clients in a large variety of industries and build up a library with all types of fixtures, shelves and merchandising designs. However, if you want to see how your products look in Scorpion, we will develop a customized planogram demo for you. This is the extent to which our team goes when it comes to pursuing that perfect planogram builder for you.

Easy to Use

First time users and experience planogrammers pick up Scorpion in no time due to its intuitive interface including drag and drop features and click and drag to resize. With Scorpion you can design any fixtures and free-standing display units within minutes.

Handholding Support

Here, at Scorpion, you always immediately get in contact with space planning experts. Our planogram experts give you a quick, professional and friendly service. We support you throughout the planogram life cycle from the early stages up to maintenance of your planograms.

Automatic Formatting

Save time and eliminate frustrating and repetitive tasks by using your own templates and layout template settings. Changed your mind about the design? Not a problem as you can continue with all your automatically saved planograms where you left off.

Cost Efficient

We provide a professional planogram tool for affordable prices. Our practical software packages ensure you only pay for what you want so that every supplier in any industry, small or large, can present their products in a professional and smart way.

Effortless Collaboration

No miscommunications anymore about the layout and design of your shelfs, use Scorpion as your communication tool between your colleagues and your clients. Share planograms over the cloud, receive real-life feedback from your clients on your plans and export your plans in any file type to your clients and colleagues.

Read what other suppliers say about Scorpion…

“We have tried a few other planogramming solutions and we found that Scorpion was absolutely the best in the market in terms of user friendliness, it is very easy to understand and work with!”

Johan Björfjäll – IT Specialist, Västsvenk Byggskruv AB wholesale of hardware

“Scorpions software has allowed us to be the experts for our customers and changed the atmosphere of our business meetings for the better! We have become much quicker at turning around sets for retailers that show what the product looks like on the shelf, and how the data justifies those positions. We’ve become more efficient when creating planograms and this has allowed us to be extremely flexible with our customer’s needs. We find that the category insights are often the most useful to us. We are very data driven and having calculations that we can quickly export to justify space and SKU choices is very beneficial!”

Skyler McFeeley – Lead Data Analyst, large USA fruit supplier

Professional Planogram Visuals for Suppliers

Scorpion planogram software for suppliers does not only have the best 3D visuals, it also is the only planogram software where you can render your 2D design into 3D planogram in a gaming engine with one mouse click. Experience your products and fixtures in our 3D environment from a shopper’s perspective without mocking them up.  Walk around your fixtures and products, change products around, adjust shelfs and take pictures of every angle, all from behind your own desk.

No need for time and costs consuming mock-up fixtures anymore, Scorpion’s 3D engine provides you with a realistic view of your brands and points of sale. Designing and visualizing concepts has never been easier.  Use your new 3D planogram designs to show case your products to your customers and increase your profits. Interested? See some of our 3D planogram examples below and at our gallery. If the planogram template for your industry is not shown below, please contact us for more industry specific information. Would you like to see what Scorpion can design with your products? Just contact us and we will create a customized supplier planogram all for free.

Scorpion as Your Sales Tool

Are you eager to offer your customers something more? Use Scorpion to showcase your products and fixtures and offer your customers a viewer license of Scorpion. With Scorpion Viewer your retail customers can view your planograms, walk around your fixtures in the 3D environment and check your assortment data reports within Scorpion. They can even have limited planogram capabilities so that they can move products around for example. When your customers have viewer it also allows them to look at your planograms in real time whilst using Scorpion to report any comments and sales back to you. You can use Scorpion as an easy communication tool between yourself and your customers. Would you like to know how you can use Scorpion as your sales tool and increase your buy-in? Contact us now.


Scorpion is been used worldwide by many suppliers and over the years we have built an elaborate library and portfolio with a large selections of fixture types, free standing display units and more. However, every supplier and every product is different. Our company is the only company that develops bespoke fixtures, POS and planogram elements for customers. Is ‘out of the box’ planogram software not enough for your company? No problem, our development team strives to get the perfect planogram tool for every supplier so please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements with one of our software experts. We also offer a planogram service where we create the planograms for you.