Quick and easy planogramming

Perfume 3D Planogram Example Planogram Template

Great products deserve great merchandising, but where do you start? Transform your brands onto fixtures in an immersive, interactive, and intuitive visual experience with Scorpion planogram software. Design stunning, realistic 2D planograms, then explore your brands from a consumer’s perspective in the immersive 3D environment.

Planogram maintenance is often overlooked but is essential for a good working planogram system that is future proof and time efficient. Therefore, we have made it easy to update planograms in Scorpion. Decrease your labour intensive tasks such as merchandising mock-ups and rebuilding fixture layouts each time product assortment changes are made.

Design and Maintenance

Professional Visuals

Scorpion Planogram software is the only micro space planning software that offers professional 2D and 3D visuals in a gaming environment. Walk around your fixtures, look at them from an adult or child’s perspective and take pictures at every angle. All of this and more is possible with Scorpion.

Coca Cola Planogram Template Planogram Example
Fridge Food Planogram Example Planogram Template
Cosmetics 3D Planogram Example Planogram Template
  • Save time – decrease human error
    Create planograms within minutes with Scorpion planogram automated product placement. Reduce the repetitive tasks of planogramming and save time by letting Scorpion merchandise your products, point of sales and fixture decorations. Also, you can decide your own level of involvement in the product merchandising process and use a planogram automation tool that is made for your planogram requirements. Read more

  • Increase profits – understand your sales
    Increase your sales and reduce your inventory costs by using Scorpion planogram insights to truly understand your shelf space. You can choose from the large variety of analysis available in Scorpion to increase your understanding of your shelf space.

    Let Scorpion perform a hotspot analysis to see which products are your best sellers and which products are collecting dust. Utilize the gap analysis to introduce products to your range that will increase your sales. You can justify your range decisions by creating sales analysis reports to provide to your customers and colleagues.

    For more information about the variety of reports and insights in Scorpion click here.

  • Tailored for your needs
    Are your space planning design needs specific to your company and do you require more than ‘out of the box’ planogram software? Look no further, our space planning developers like a challenge and are keen to develop enhancements that make Scorpion perfect for you. Contact us now to discuss your requirements further.

  • Choose your language
    Is English not your native language and you would prefer the imperial system to the metric system? No problem, with Scorpion software you can change all of these settings with just a few clicks. Scorpion space planning software is available in any language which can easily be changed in the settings.