How Scorpion Planogram Simplifies Retail Shelf Planning

Scorpion Planogram is a software solution that empowers retailers. By using this tool, retailers can design and visualise planograms in a 3D environment. More important, this shelf planning software makes it easier for retailers to shelf different categories of products. What is Shelf Planning Software? Shelf planning is the art of arranging the most popular … Continued

Range Optimisation and Planograms: How to Use Both to Build Customer Loyalty

Planogram technology brings the best solutions to a retailer’s shelves. When retailers use planograms, success doesn’t happen by chance. An increase in sales and the profitability of the store is an inevitable result. It’s a strategy that works because planograms are consumer-centric. By design, the best planogram software solves tough problems by focusing first on … Continued

Why Your Retail Store Needs Planogram Technology

We live in a tremendously competitive age. Retailers must constantly ask themselves questions that will help them understand the needs of their consumers. These include questions like: 1) What do my customers want? 2) How can I create a better customer experience? This approach is important. After all, unless retailers understand shopping from the consumer’s … Continued

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