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Scorpion Software Applications

Scorpion has more to offer than planogram software. We also provide our customers with planogram viewer software, store planning software or floor planning software and range optimization software. Additionally, we also offer space planning consultancy services such as planogram and store plan creation, range reviews and product photography.

Retail Store Planning Software

Store Planning or floor planning is a store design and analytical application which links stores, departments and category space to sales, maximizing profits for every inch of your store. Floor Planning is a knowledge-based solution, delivering key insights on store performance through the use of hot spot analysis, space profitability and space distribution.

You can use Store Planning as a standalone or as a fully integrated range and space planning solution with range assortment and planogram software. These three applications are all available within the same software application with the same interface. Scorpion enables you to use range optimization software to understand your products performances, create your planograms based on this knowledge and then place your planogram in your store plan.

Scorpion Store Planning’s user experience is very similar to Scorpion Planogram which means it is very intuitive and easy software to take on, within a modern software interface. Interested in a store planning demonstration? Contact us now or look here for more information.

Store Planning Floor Planning Example
Range Assortment Optimization Software Example

Range Optimization Software

Range Planner is a category management software application to manage product range assortment, which transforms complex analytical retail range review projects, into actionable insights in a fraction of the time normally taken. Based on industry best practices (ECR), our software presents an intuitive approach that includes every step required to prepare a category range review and assortment proposal, considering both market and retailer data.

Range Planner includes several models to optimize the product range. This targets a specific depth and breadth of range in terms of the category strategy or market coverage objectives. Leading retailers and suppliers who use our software gain a competitive edge by aligning product ranges for each store cluster, to shopper demands. Range Assortment may be used standalone or as a fully integrated range and space planning solution with planogram and store planning software.

Planogram Viewer Software

Scorpion Viewer is a tool that allows the users to view planograms, assortment planning and floor plans made by other users. This tool is often used by buyers, visual merchandisers, marketing department and store managers and other field based personal. Suppliers also use it to give to their retail customers to provide them with a great visuals of their products which increases their buy-in. The viewer tool also allows the user to have limited planogram capabilities. However, we can tailor the viewer tool for you so that you decide what you viewer users have access to.

Planogram Example Planogram Template 3D Apparel
Planogram Consultancy Service

Space Planning Consultancy Services

In addition to space planning software we also provide space planning consultancy services. Our team of planogram, assortment and floor experts offer to design the planograms and floor plans for you and can conduct a range review of your stores.

Getting the right space allocation for each category and department within your sales floor space is vital to winning new revenue and increased profits. Our store and planogram experts help identify the performance contribution of every inch of the sales floor space and produce actionable insights with recommendations for change.

By using existing store drawings our experts overlay sales and profit data to each department, category and if required can produce planograms which allow us to create various planning scenarios and space vs. sales analysis.