Range Planner

Scorpion Range Planner, also called Assortment Planner, is a comprehensive assortment analysis tool completely integrated within the Scorpion planogram and Scorpion Store Planner interface. By using Scorpion’s key performance indicator and taking each category role into account, Scorpion will lead you to an optimised product assortment!


Review Category Space

Review how much space each of your categories deserve based on their sales data and adjust the spacing in your stores accordingly.


Review Product Assortment

Let Scorpion Range Planner analyse your product sales data, and advise you on the optimal range for your stores and categories


Adjust Planogram

Accept the changes proposed by the range planner in your assortment, and Scorpion will add or delist the products to your planograms.

Product Assortment Management to Maximise your Store Profits

How to create the perfect product assortment for every store…
Scorpion Range Planner software uses your product volume, product value and product profit to rank all your products against each other. The category management performance calculations will advise you on your product range depending on the role and goal you assign to each category. The range planner also provides you your credible range, depending on the size of your store. Therefore, a different size store also means a different product range. Besides advising on which products should be in your assortment, it also advises you on how many facings and stackings by taking the product price elasticity in account.

Interested to know how Scorpion Range Planner can help you? Contact us now and we will provide you with a Range Planner demonstration.

In Scorpion Range Planner, you can view which products are essential, core range, optional and delist products, based on their sales data. It shows which products deserve space on your shelves.
Retail Assortment Planner
Customize the range planner settings to create an assortment planner that is tailored to your company’s specific strategies and requirements.
Planogram Assortment Planner Gap Analysis
Conduct a gap analysis using the Scorpion range planner, and add the products to meet your customers’ demand.