Planogram Automation

Automatic Product Placement

Create planograms within minutes!
Planogram design can be a highly time consuming and a tedious task without the right tools. Technology has moved fast and so has our planogram software. Scorpion planogram automation enables you to create realistic looking planograms without having to do the repetitive planogramming tasks. Within the planogram automation software, you decide your own fixture design including point of sales, shelf types and decorations but you let Scorpion do the merchandising of products for you. After you are set up it will only take minutes to create your planograms. Let us work with you to personalize the planogramming automation process. See our video for a visual example.

Personalized Approach to Planogram Automation

Automation that listens to your needs
Decide your own level of involvement in the planogram automation process and let us develop an automation tool for you that fits with your requirements and automate those parts of the planogram process that you want to automate. Automation is a complex process and unlike other planogram suppliers we acknowledge that ‘out of the box’ planogram automation does not always suit with specific requirements of companies. Therefore, we find it important to know what you want your planogramming automation tool to create for you. We are keen to discuss your wishes further and provide the perfect automation tool for you!

Intelligent Planogram Automation

Artificial intelligence in planogram automation
Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly more present in our everyday lives and will grow significantly over the next years. Our planogram experts and development team keep up to date with the latest intelligent technologies. Together they are working on to complete an intelligent planogram automation tool which will teach itself to create data-driven planograms based on your planogram preferences and behavior. So, keep a close eye on our website and blogs for updates on our artificial intelligence research and software development.