Viewer Tool

Our interactive planogram viewer makes it easy to understand the design and implementation of your planograms. Creating and designing your planograms is the first step, but the next step is to efficiently communicate your plans with colleagues in marketing and buying. With our viewer, it’s easy for others to visualise the product assortment for each planogram size.

A great planogram viewer is a real difference-maker. With our tool, you will have a quick, simple and effective method for signing off on the planograms and range assortment. Your planograms will be ready for in-store implementation with greater speed and greater confidence. Your marketing and buying teams can finally figure out how to get—and stay—on the same page.

Who uses Viewer?


Marketing Department

Analyse the planogram product data to gain insights into product and category sales.


Buying Team

Use the interactive planogram viewer to see the product range for every different planogram size within the category.


Store Personnel

Open live planograms in the Viewer tool to merchandise your stores using the latest planograms designed by the head office.

View and Analyze plans 

How Viewer makes sharing and analysing planograms easy…

By using Viewer, planograms do not need to be printed off anymore, as they can be opened within the Viewer tool. Therefore, the user always has access to the most up-to-date information available as these planograms are live. This reduces the time needed to share plans, but it also increases the confidence and buy-in of colleagues who commonly make use of these planograms. Additionally, the user can analyse the product data in Viewer by using the customised report templates of the company or by using their own analysis reports. Action is taken more quickly and more consistently when users feel like they can trust the information they’re acting on.

Scorpion Planogram Viewer users can:

1. Access live planograms open by others and always be up-to-date
2. Analyse the planogram project data within Viewer
3. View and use planogram report templates
4. Use the professional visuals of planograms to correctly merchandise stores

Interested in learning more about how our tool can increase the communication between your departments? Contact us now and we will provide you with more information about our Viewer.