IT Specifics

Safe and Connected

Here, at Scorpion, we understand that it is important that a company’s infrastructure works smoothly. Therefore, we developed our software to make data management, infrastructure and security easy and efficient. For example, when you install new software, you want to be sure that your system is protected, and your data is secure. Scorpion gives you that security by our unique hybrid software approach which means the software and data are installed in-house whilst your planograms and outputs can be shared through your data server on the cloud. Scorpion also makes integration with other systems easy and quick within the already established IT system and infrastructure of your company. Please read more below or contact us for more IT related information of Scorpion.


With Scorpion you can share your planogram files and data over the cloud, but the software is locally installed on your company PC’s. This means that there are no security risks using Scorpion, but your users can use the cloud for easy sharing of files and data. In this way Scorpion uses the best of both worlds.

File Storage

The Scorpion planogram files are stored locally on your PC’s by default. However, if Scorpion is connected to your central database you can choose to save your files on the central database.

File Sharing

Connect Scorpion to your central database and fully integrate Scorpion within your system. Create shared folders in your central database where users can view planogram files from other users in real time.

System Requirements

Scorpion works on most PC’s. However, there are certain system requirements and system recommendations for the optimal use of Scorpion. If you want to know more details, please contact us to learn more.

Product Data Connectivity

With Scorpion there is no importing of data needed, all you do is link your Excel database (default) to Scorpion and it will synchronize automatically. However, you can also connect Scorpion to your central database (e.g. SQL) so that all your data is saved at one central place.


Do you have planogram software requirements specific to your company only? No problem, our development team are here to help and provide you with a customized version of Scorpion that fits all your requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Scorpion Planogram Software for MAC and Windows

The Scorpion software application can be used on Mac computers by running a Windows operating system. We recommend using the free Bootcamp application but we can advise you on other options.  The large majority of our customers use Scorpion planogram software on a Mac system or Windows. However, if you use a different PC operating system, please contact us for additional information.