Retail Floor Planning

Analyze and Optimize your Stores!

Scorpion Retail Floor Planner (Store Planner) enables you to easily organize, analyze and optimize the total floor space of your stores. The Floor Planner is available in the same application as Scorpion planogram software. You can drag your planograms into your store plans, all within the same application. After populating your retail floor plans with planograms, use the smart analytics to optimize your floor space and increase your profits!


Create Floor Plan

Draw your the floor of your store place into Scorpion and add all stationary elements such as doors, windows, pillars, and tills.


Add Planograms

Drag your planograms onto the store plan in the same software interface, populating the store plan with products and product sales data.


Analyze & Optimize Store

Make changes to your store plans and planograms based on the advanced floor plan reports

Smart Retail Floor Plan Management

How to Increase Profit with Floor Planning
Floor planning, also known as macro space planning, describes the whole retail store layout at a category level. In contrast to planogram software (micro space planning), floor planning allows the retailer to look at the big picture of their stores. By using Scorpion Floor Planner the retailer can:

1. Allocate the correct amount of space to each of the categories
2. Ensure a logical shopping flow for your customers, which will increase their shopper loyalty and basket size
3. Create localized floor plans and assortments, ensuring your stores meet their local customers’ demand

Do you want to have a look yourself? Contact us now and we will provide you with a Floor Planning demonstration.

Floor Plan Example
In Scorpion Store Planner, you can populate your floor plan by dragging and dropping already created planograms. This results in an efficient and quick space planning process.
Retail Floor Plan Analysis
View which fixtures in your stores are the highest and lowest sellers, and organise your stores accordingly to reduce floor congestion and increase basket size.
Retail Analysis Floor Plan
Analyse your retail store space in the same software application with Scorpion one; Planogram, Floor Planner and Range Planner all in one application.
Retail Floor Plan Example
Highlight the categories in your floor plans and modify your stores to create a logical customer journey through your stores.