Scorpion User Videos

Scorpion Planogram Software Videos

Do you want to refresh your memory on the newest enhancements or need a reminder of other functionalities, please see below for a selection of short Scorpion User videos. To request a specific video explanation, please contact us below.

JDA/PSA Reader

How to use the PSA reader to read JDA files within Scorpion.

Reset to Zoom

Using the new ‘Reset to Zoom’ or ‘Zoom 1:1’ option, the user can set the default zoom to include items outside of the planogram.

Reverse Planogram

Reversing planograms mirrors the products, switching their arrangement from left-to-right to right-to-left.

Multiple Products, One Peg

How to add multiple products on the same peg.

Closing & Opening Plans

Open and close all plans at once, or exclude one planogram.

Product Dividers

How to set product dividers between products. Auto dividers and manual dividers.

Selecting Shelves

How to select shelves from the shelf report.

Combining Shelves

Users can combine shelves to share the merchandising strategy on the new, larger shelf.

Select and Find Products

Easy way to find and/or select a product in the planogram from the product warehouse.

Clear Filters in Warehouse

Quick way of clearing all filters within the product warehouse.

Adding Text Boxes

Two ways to add a text box to your planogram and the options available for text boxes.

Change Border Colors

How to change the border colors of products, bays, fixtures, shelves, and labels.

Increase Product Facings

Easy ways of merchandising products from the product warehouse on the planogram.

Multi Plans Data Sync

How to batch synchronize data across all planograms

Improved Pan & Zoom

New optimized way to zoom and pan in Scorpion.

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