Why Every Retail Supplier Needs 3D Planogram Software

Why Every Retail Supplier Needs 3D Planogram Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

It is undeniably true that planogram software improves retail businesses. That’s due to the fact that planograms help retail professionals drive sales and satisfy the needs of their customers.

But planograms aren’t limited to helping retailers alone. In fact, these tools also impact suppliers who seek to showcase their products’ value to retailers and guarantee higher buy-ins.

At Scorpion Planogram, we provide cutting-edge software. This includes 3D planograms that result in increased buy-ins and shelf space for our clients’ products. But what is 3D planogram software and how do they generate results for suppliers looking to improve their relationship with retailers?

What is a 3D Planogram?

3D planograms provide a visual representation of a store’s products from the perspective of the customer. What this means is that a manufacturer who uses 3D planogram software can easily view details about the product based on its placement in the store. The view, from different angles, provides an immersive experience that is both realistic and insightful in ways that are not possible through regular 2D planograms.

Retailers want to know the products their suppliers offer will add real value to their stores. After all, this will help them to feel confident about the products and its contribution to the store’s overall success.

Through 3D planograms, manufacturers can easily showcase their products, and help retailers see exactly how these products will look on a shelf. In addition, the best 3D planogram software offers intuitive features that are data-driven, enabling suppliers to negotiate, if necessary, for increased shelf space.

How Planograms Increase Buy-In and Shelf Space for a Manufacturer’s Products

It’s often said that “seeing is believing”. Suppliers depend on the retailer to get the products to consumers, and retailers, in turn, depend on manufactures to supply goods their customers want. It makes sense that retailers would want a clear view of what a product would look like within a store. But how does a planogram guarantee increased buy-in and shelf space for a supplier’s products?

3D planogram software offer important advantages. For instance, thanks to an immersive 3D environment supplier answer questions that include:

  1. How will a manufacturer’s products look in a store?
  2. What product placement is best suited for customers?
  3. How much shelf space is optimal for a manufacturer’s line of products?

By using planograms to answer the questions above, suppliers build trust and prove the value their products offer. The planogram, thus, becomes that independent verifier that helps manufacturers showcase what they have to offer and persuade retailers to provide more shelf space.

Best of all, our 3D retail software is easy to use! Thus, manufacturers access key product features without needing advanced technical skills. For instance, suppliers can transform 2D designs into 3D planograms with the click of a mouse!

What Manufacturers Need to Know Before Purchasing Planogram Technology

If you are unfamiliar with how planogram software works and would like to learn more benefits, our team would love to help. Scorpion Planograms retail consultants will provide an overview of product features and benefits.

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