6 Ways to Drive Retail Growth in 2019 with a Planogram Program

6 Ways to Drive Retail Growth in 2019 with a Planogram Program 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Let’s face it: 2018 has been a challenging year for many retailers. Indeed, some previously successful stores have closed their doors, filing bankruptcy. Others across the globe have reported huge slumps in sales. But not every retailer is struggling. In fact, those retailers who embrace technology generally outperform the competition. They are striving to discover the right tools to meet the changing needs of their customers.

2019 will be a pivotal year for retailers who want to drive growth and distance themselves from the competition. Technology will inevitably play a crucial role in this growth. As retailers rely on the right tools for their organization, they’ll be able to focus on their customers and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Why Planograms?

Planograms, or shelf planning software, generate value for every retailer who wants to drive growth and prepare for a successful future. That’s because these tools help retailers implement a customer-centric approach when it comes to store layout and product placement. Planogram software also revitalizes retail teams across multiple stores as they learn to more effectively communicate ideas and achieve impressive results.

As such, we’ve compiled some of the most significant ways planograms will drive sales and improve customer experience within your retail business in 2019.

Communicate with Planograms

Undoubtedly, effective communication is pivotal in every business. With your success in mind, Scorpion Planogram software caters to the needs of retailers and their teams.

Our store planogram software enables users to manage planogram design and implement or modify these designs with their teams. These tools ensure retailers get access to planogram software anyone can use. Best of all, users can comment on or discuss concerns about each version of a planogram within the tool itself, thus guaranteeing effective and fluid communication.

Drive Sales with Data

Data is everywhere. Retailers, now more than ever, need to know how to create value within their stores by using data. Our shelf planning software provides ready access to data. Thus, retailers who use our tools make better decisions, enhance product placement, and increase sales.

Visualize the Best Use of Store Space

Store layout has never been easier! To guarantee success in 2019, consider 3D planograms. Store planning software at Scorpion Planogram help retail teams visualize the best spaces to place each product. Access category management insights at your fingertips using customizable planogram software perfect for retailers who manage multiple stores and teams.

Guarantee Planogram Compliance

How do you achieve accountability when it comes to your stores? Ensure team members implement the appropriate planograms according to plan! Communicate, respond to comments within planogram tool interface, and most of all, guarantee planogram compliance by using the best tools for the job.

Build Relationship With Suppliers

Retailers need to build strong relationships with their suppliers to guarantee they get the products their customers need most. Our tools ensure that both retailers and suppliers get the best value within a mutually beneficial relationship. Since suppliers also use our tools, retailers can expect 3D tools that clearly showcase the value of every product.

Know which products will provide the best value on your store’s shelves by working with retailers that use Scorpion planogram!

Confidence to Meet the Future of Retail

Undoubtedly, the future of retail embraces technology. Don’t ignore the tools of today in your attempts to access technology of the future. Guarantee that your store will be ready to achieve success in the year ahead by choosing the right planogram software.

Consider a consultation or simply send us a message to learn more about our retail planogram.