Planogram Analyst Software: Design, Implement, Measure, Automate

Planogram Analyst Software: Design, Implement, Measure, Automate 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

To analyze, you must keep reanalyzing. Your planogram analysis should track multiple data points that can unlock unseen potential for your retail spaces. There are several ways to view and understand how planogram merchandising is working in your stores. Sales performance can be viewed from lowest-to-highest or highest-to-lowest for total units, overall sales, and profitability. Often, some of these views into store performance will be expected to the point of being unremarkable, while other category and sales metrics offer new insights and improvements to your retail and planogram merchandising. Minimum display depth, planogram compliance, and merchandising design auditing can all be part of this planogram analysis.

Many larger retail companies find it’s a worthwhile investment to hire a full-time planogram analyst—or to at least include regular sales analysis as part of the job description for the planogram manager. While some store planning and floor layout mistakes are relatively easy to identify, in many cases it takes long-term data tracking and planogram analysis to design and implement a retail space that’s truly optimized for your store and brand.

Company leaders are recognizing that successful planograms depend on retail analytics more now than ever. When you’re ready to bring these analytics to your retail operations, explore how our software features will improve your planogram analysis and maintenance.

Planogram Analyst Software

There’s no way to replace years of retail and merchandising sales experience, but there’s also no substitute for planogram analysis software. This software can report real-time sales data across a range of parameters and through a visually effective display. You can conduct a much deeper analysis in a fraction of time and with a better perspective of how the different moving parts of the supply chain and planogram design fit together. Combined with a solid understanding of the store’s target audience and a knack for creative visualization, a planogram analyst can often make recommendations for immediate improvement to planogram merchandising strategies.

With this in mind, you have to figure out what planogram analyst software is best to support your broader supply chain, merchandising, and sales objectives. Here are the software programs and features from Scorpion that stand to most improve your planogram design and merchandising efforts.

  • Category Insights: From gap analysis to assortment lists to inventory management, these software features speak to the fundamentals of category management and one of the most common focus areas for planogram analysis and micro-space planning.
  • 3D Planograms: You can’t analyze what you can’t see and measure. Planogram solutions aren’t just for static product facings and sales figures. The best planogram analysts also conduct a visual analysis of space and shelf allocation. 3D virtual retail software allows visual merchandisers to analyze lighting effects, fixture placement, product height, and merchandising angles.
  • Planogram Design: The best planogram analysis won’t do you any good if it doesn’t lead to actionable decisions and measurable improvements to sales and profitability goals. Our design software means analysts can view endless planogram options quickly and reliably—and then confidently choose the template that best addresses key performance areas.
  • Planogram Automation: Data analytics isn’t entirely about sophistication and reinventing the wheel every time you update planogram designs. Planogram analysis also allows for a greater amount of design automation and cost savings. Implement effective designs without making big financial investments every sales quarter. Remove the tedious nature of planogram design and unlock your merchandising creativity with our automation software features.

Jumpstart Your Planogram Analysis with Scorpion Consultancy Services

Along with our industry-leading planogram software, Scorpion has an entire team of space planning consultants who can help you create floor plans and conduct a range review for your stores. This consultation can serve as its own kind of upfront planogram analysis. It can also help your company develop planogram system resources for future analysis and continuous improvement of visual merchandising strategies. For both micro-and macro-space planning, get started on the right foot with Scorpion software and consultancy services.