Three Reasons to Buy a Planogram Creator Right Now

Three Reasons to Buy a Planogram Creator Right Now 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Early evidence suggests the retail landscape of tomorrow will be radically different than its predecessor. (This is a topic we covered in a previous post.) When so many of us are – properly – obeying social distancing guidelines: what is the best way to take advantage of this forced downtown, especially when we do not have easy access to our store fronts? 

Take a virtual inventory of your space. Now’s the time to get your hands on a planogram creator, which allows you to plan for the future from the comfort of your couch or bed – if that is your thing. Here are three reasons why you need a planogram creator today.

Reason One: Because Planogram Creators Are the Fastest Way to Design New Layouts 

There was a time when planograms were awfully time consuming. A planogram is simply a fancy name for a visual representation of a store space and layout, with special attention paid to merchandise. This could be a rough drawing on a piece of paper, or a drawn-to-scale blueprint. Computers changed all of that.

Today, planogram creators are powered by computers and can rapidly generate an owner’s vision of a layout, floor plan, aisles, product displays – you name it. Plans are designed and tested from the convenience of a digital interface, and can just as easily be broken apart and reconfigured, saving entrepreneurs time, effort and energy while prototyping. They are the perfect tool for jotting down, saving and returning to a design that you want to develop further – no writing utensil or paper required. 

Reason Two: Because Planograms Save Entrepreneurs A Lot of Heavy Lifting

Even during the best of times, reorganizing a retail space and its merchandise is hard work. Of course this depends on the setting, but imagine shuffling around tables, chairs, product displays and decorations. And this doesn’t cover the items themselves. Put simply: reorganizing a retail space is essential to dialing in the perfect layout to drive sales. But it takes a lot of time, effort and employee resources. Covid-19 has only made this reality even more difficult. Under most conditions, it is a health concern to commit employees to working shoulder-to-shoulder. And this risk is compounded with each iteration of the layout. 

Get a software to do the heavy lifting for you. A planogram creator aims to save hours of designing new layouts by delegating this task to a computer. Owners are empowered to drag and drop product displays with the click of a button before employees become part of the rearranging process.

Reason Three: Because Planograms Are Precise 

Covid-19 has redefined “personal space.” As we outlined in a previous blog post, when stores reopen, customers may expect to shop with a safe six-foot buffer between themselves and fellow shoppers. And that is a big ask for stores that had been designed to maximize every square inch of real estate. Entrepreneurs could understandably use a tape measure to reengineer their layout to accommodate a six-foot buffer. Or they could use a planogram creator.

A planogram creator such as Scorpion employs a measuring feature to empower owners to gain powerful insights into their assets. Simply plug in the dimensions of your store and product displays and Scorpion does the rest. Entrepreneurs then have access to virtual representations of their displays to move and rearrange until they find the perfect, safe layout. It’s that simple.

When we’re finally able to reopen, you will have designed a safe, socially responsible layout for you, your employees and customers to conduct business. And that is something we can all feel good about.

Get Scorpion Planogram Creator

Choose to use this downtime to plan for the future. Need more reasons to get Scorpion? Here is what sets us apart from other planogram creators:

  • Scorpion uses a modern and intuitive software interface
  • It allows partners to directly contact a Scorpion planogram expert for assistance
  • Planograms are rendered in 3D
  • Scorpion is an all-in-one solution for every planogram creator application

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