How Does a Planogram Creator Work?

How Does a Planogram Creator Work? 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

A planogram creator helps retailers envision in-store product placement. In most cases, this involves creating 2D and 3D renditions of the space. Planogram software increases efficiency and profitability for retailers. The designs generated by a planogram can help eliminate wasted space and improve profit margins by maximizing the space available in a retail setting.

The design begins as a 2D planogram. Then, retailers can experience the same design in 3D from a customer’s perspective. Efficiency is one of the best parts about the Scorpion planogram creator. It takes only minutes to set up a fixture design using planogram automation software.


Rules of Planogram Design

The most successful planograms are rooted in customer experience. A planogram creator can help retailers use psychological cues to interpret and predict consumer behavior. If you can home in on these strategies, the planogram design and insights will benefit your company performance:

  • Success of cross-selling
  • Tendency to impulse buy
  • Focus on shelf placement

An example of cross-selling might include putting bags of chips next to hot dog buns in the summer months. This helps the consumer draw the connection between BBQ must-haves. This product placement also plays into consumers’ tendency to impulse buy items that group together. Templates and symbols in planogram software help retailers bring their visualizations to life and create connections for their consumers that will increase sales.

Shelf placement is also integral to a successful margin. Eye-level products might have better sales than products on lower shelves. However, bottom-shelf products are easily accessible to children. A planogram can bring to life a child’s point-of-view and maximize shelf placement. Think of a shelf of chocolates. Perhaps the higher-priced, expensively sourced chocolates are placed on eye-level shelves for adults, while fun, kid-friendly chocolates draw in younger buyers on the bottom shelves.

Utilizing every data analysis tool available is another important aspect of planogram software. A planogram creator can be paired with a company’s sales data to analyze product performance. Shelf placement plays a huge role in a product’s sales performance. A planogram allows retailers to play around with product placement and figure out how to maximize sales.


Planogram Data Analysis Improves Product Performance

A planogram creator is essential to the curation of a productive layout, but it can also maximize profit in another way. Planogram software is a helpful tool for inventory data tracking and management. It can help retailers analyze their highest- and lowest-selling products and areas. Retailers can use planograms as quarterly or yearly assessment of store space. They can also help retailers pinpoint and solve areas of profit loss.

Scorpion planogram insights generate analyses and reports based on the categories in your planogram design. The Scorpion power rank function on our planogram software analyzes your product performance data and helps you create the best possible assortment. Users can also leverage these features as justification for current product placement allocations.