The Best Apparel Merchandising Software – from the Warehouse to the Boutique

The Best Apparel Merchandising Software – from the Warehouse to the Boutique 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Leading retailers know that apparel merchandising software is among the most important purchases a company can make. From warehouse organization to in-store planogram design, these software tools are essential at every step of the production process.

Apparel is one of the most important product categories in the American economy. In 2021, the United States apparel market was valued at $318 billion. This means that customers are consistently shopping for clothing – but that there is a lot of competition within the apparel retail space.

New and small retailers need tools to stand out from the big names in apparel. Planogram software from Scorpion is an excellent place to invest your time.


Apparel Merchandising Software Applications

Apparel merchandising software serves several key purposes in a retailer’s business. These tools allow users to manage business data and glean insights – from what’s selling well to where inventory can be improved. These management platforms are essential at every step of an apparel merchandiser’s process. This includes organizing warehouse inventory, shipping inventory, and directing planogram design at the retailer level.

Scorpion Planogram is one such tool. Designed to make warehouses, retail stores, and inventory efficient, here’s what an effective retail merchandising software can do:

  • Manage warehouse needs and design: Warehouse planograms are just as essential as retail design. Implementing merchandising software in a warehouse can expedite order fulfillment and provide inventory insights.
  •  Increase company profits: A software provides insights to help users better understand their sales. Gleaning information from sales can reduce inventory costs. At the boutique level, users can increase profits with insights like hotspot analyses, gap analyses, and sales analyses reports.
  • Make smarter decisions: Software tools allow retailers to know what’s happening on their shelves – both in the warehouse and in the store. This is essential for making smart inventory and product decisions. Knowing which products are out-performing others can lead to increased revenue.
  • Save time and effort: More than anything, apparel merchandising tools are designed to make companies more efficient. Save time, money, and effort by implementing an intelligent apparel platform.

Implementing a software can make every part of the apparel sales process more efficient.


Find the Merchandising Software You Need

Apparel management tools are increasingly important in today’s retail world. Overseeing product lifecycle, trend engagement, and inventory placement are necessary for new and small apparel makers trying to make their mark. Whether a business needs are limited to planogram support or expand to a full apparel merchandising software suite, Scorpion has what they need.

 Scorpion Planogram is an effective and affordable retail management software. This unique platform organizes all space planning and inventory management applications into a single software. Users can design retail and warehouse shelves, view 3D fixtures, create store plans, and plan assortments. The intuitive software interface makes planogram design quick and simple.

 What’s more, Scorpion insights allow users to understand what’s performing well on their shelves. Using real-time data analysis, users can make timely decisions. Plus, retailers with questions can contact a personal Scorpion expert for assistance and help.