Planogram for Retail Store: Where is it Most Important?

Planogram for Retail Store: Where is it Most Important? 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Getting a planogram for retail store needs can be a great decision for most retailers. Using this type of visual merchandising strategy can increase sales, lead to higher margins, and streamline inventory choices. But do planograms have the same effect in every type of store? Where are they most effective?

While planogram tools can support a variety of retail establishments, they are most effective in stores with many products and brands, like grocery stores. That said, any type of store can benefit from visual merchandising. Here’s how.


Where Planograms Have the Most Impact

Planograms are most effective in certain types of stores. Specifically, grocery stores and big-box retailers will receive the most benefit from a planogram for retail store. These stores carry hundreds of products, all in different categories. They also often provide many different brands for a single product. For example, think about how many dish soap options you have available at your grocery store. What about ice cream brands? The high number of products and brands at these retailers necessitates professional organization.

Additionally, grocers and big-box retailers tend to have a lot of purchasing data to work with. Even a small grocery store will receive around 2,000 transactions per day. Using that data, retailers can design intelligent planograms that place high-margin and high-purchase items in priority locations. By contrast, smaller businesses may not have enough purchasing data to glean these insights.

In most cases, big-box retailers or grocery stores will use a planogram software to design shelves and product sections. A planogram for retail stores like these can go a long way in optimizing customer purchases.


Can Small Stores Benefit from Planograms?

Yes, small and independent stores will still benefit from a planogram tool. While these stores may have fewer products and brands, they will still have high-margin items to prioritize. A planogram can help place these products in a desirable location. Additionally, independent and small retailers place a greater importance on each purchase, as there are fewer sales made in a day. A planogram tool can optimize the transactions you make to help increase your sales margin.


Getting the Planogram Support You Need

Designing a planogram for retail store needs can be a complicated process. Retailers need to understand their inventory and sales history, then apply those data to in-store decisions. And, without a planning tool, employees may need to stay late to test out different organizational designs.

The process is far more manageable with a planogram software. For example, Scorpion Planogram combines space planning and inventory management into a single tool. Users are able to design retail shelves, create store plans, view 3D fixtures, and plan assortments. The software has an intuitive interface, which makes it a great option for both advanced and beginner category management professionals.

Importantly, Scorpion Planogram is an affordable tool. Rather than hiring a professional category manager, businesses can save money with a software. Whether you own a grocery store or an independent boutique, you can benefit from Scorpion Planogram.