Visualizing Inventory Layout with Optical Software for Retail Stores

Visualizing Inventory Layout with Optical Software for Retail Stores 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Shopping for eyeglasses is an interactive experience that retailers can improve for their shoppers with optical software for retail stores. Optical retailers rely on compelling visual displays that attract customers to try out new pairs of glasses and work with an associate to navigate many choices. Poor store layouts hinder how well shoppers and retailers work together. 

Software for optical stores offers many advantages in the store planning process that make decision-making easier when it comes to inventory and design choices. Scorpion planogram software incorporates 3D design features to enable you to create a functional store design to increase sales. 


How Optical Retail Planning Complements Eyeglass Shopping 

Because eyeglass shopping requires physically trying on a variety of glasses, designing displays with the nuances of eyeglass shopping in mind is central to successful planograms. The following principles of planning optical store layouts with optical software for retail stores are essential to establishing the best environment for glasses shopping. 

Aesthetics: When shopping for glasses, people often buy with their eyes before even picking up a single pair to try. This aspect of eyeglass shopping makes the aesthetics of your store design doubly important in making not only the store but also the inventory look good. Adequate lighting and artistic displays go a long way to cultivating a sense of style within your store and drawing in buyers with similar styles. 3D planogram capabilities come in handy for this design necessity by being able to view your store design through the lens of the customer to see what design elements are successful and which need improvement. 

Accessibility: Retailers can use optical software for retail stores to create an ease of experience when buying glasses. Optical store designs should aim to incorporate highly accessible eyeglass displays that accommodate easily trying and returning glasses back to the displays. Clunky displays that make it challenging to remove glasses can turn away buyers who feel inconvenienced by the awkward maneuvers to try on glasses. Retail software helps retailers through the trial and error process of developing accessible displays to offer a smooth shopping experience. 

Layout: Sometimes eyeglass stores can feel empty or clinical because of the chosen store layout. Visual merchandising is an asset for retailers looking to break the mold of traditional eyeglass store layouts and present a new design concept for shoppers. Little details like quality mirrors, stools or benches to set down belongings or consult with a store associate, and interactive displays contribute to a more inclusive shopping experience that makes eyeglass shopping feel more exciting and less of a chore. 


Scorpion Software for Optical Retailers 

Scorpion optical software for retail stores can help set your optical store apart with professional quality planograms and store layouts to let you glasses inventory shine. Scorpion software automates key functions so that you can get straight to designing your store to showcase your store’s best features and build customer loyalty with attentive customer service and engaging designs. Check out Scorpion’s software suite to see how software can give your optical business a boost.