Upgrade Your Apparel Inventory Management Software

Upgrade Your Apparel Inventory Management Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Apparel inventory management software has seen notable improvements within the last few years. If you have considered upgrading your current software, now is a great time to make changes. Many apparel stores have come around to leaning into software to make their business operations run smoothly and build the capacity to improve their store layouts. 

Your businesses can stay current with the latest software advancements to remain competitive and meet the needs of your customers. Making the upgrade to quality retail software will help streamline your inventory process, streamline your store design process, and help your products sell. 


What’s New in Apparel Retail? 

Retailers in the apparel market should be aware of the latest shopping habits and adjust their store to better serve their clientele. Apparel inventory management software is vital to tracking trends, monitoring your inventory, and providing your customers with a quality shopping experience. These are current projections on where the apparel retail industry is heading. 

  • AI in Apparel Shopping: There is a lot yet unknown about the impact of AI on the retail industry, but retailers are already getting a sense of how to adjust their current practices to anticipate changes. For example, many online retailers have already started making virtual try-ons an option. This use of AI can help your shoppers visualize your apparel inventory and allow them to engage with a sales associate to pick the best option for them.  
  • Engagement Shopping: Engagement shopping is all about leveraging information you can learn from apparel inventory management software and translating that knowledge into engaging shopping opportunities for your customers. By thinking up creative sales promotions, like hiding discount coupons around your store, you draw customers in with the promise of a reward for shopping for the products they like. Shoppers are looking for engaging and unique shopping experiences, and you can meet that expectation with the use of software. 
  • Social Media and Brand Partnerships: Retails should pay close attention to what is trending among social media influencers and brainstorm ways to interact with social media to promote their inventory. Staying engaged with social media influencers and pursuing possible brand partnerships can help you build your customer base with shoppers who may have found you through social media. 


Scorpion All-in-One Apparel Software 

Scorpion apparel inventory management software optimizes the physical store space to incorporate trending store promotions or new shopping technology. Software allows you to analyze your apparel inventory to ensure each item is performing and stocked adequately. Once you have a handle on your inventory, you can turn to store planograms to create clever designs that draw buyers in. 

Scorpion offers retailers an incredibly visual and easily navigable platform, which turns software novices into pros in no time. You can create stimulating store layouts in minutes with Scorpion’s user friendly tools and transform your store to respond to the latest apparel retail trends. Contact the Scorpion team anytime to talk about software solutions for your retail business and schedule a live demo.