The Planogram Merchandiser Essential Toolkit

The Planogram Merchandiser Essential Toolkit 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Planogram merchandisers are in demand for retail businesses who have the resources to hire a dedicated merchandiser to keep their store stocked and neatly designed. While the role of a merchandiser is approachable and easy to learn, you can gain an edge if you are up to speed with the latest software. Merchandisers who are well-versed in retail software can make a big impact in retail stores.

Planogram software resources, like those offered by Scorpion, lessen the learning curve for professional retail software tools and produce measurable results for retailers. Retail businesses can set their merchandisers up for success with the right toolkit of planogram software. 

What Is the Role of a Planogram Merchandiser?

Merchandisers in retail spaces are primarily responsible for putting planogram plans into action, including store layouts, shelving designs, and inventory placement. Design is a core component of the role of a merchandiser, and retail software is a key competency that merchandisers must be able to demonstrate. 

Merchandising covers a broad range of duties that center on what merchandise is going into a retail space and how that inventory gets displayed. Often, the merchandiser is the person who translates the goals and visions of management into reality within the physical space of the retail store. For this reason, retail stores should seek talented merchandisers with experience in creating and implementing creative store layouts. 

How Merchandisers Can Maximize Their Resources 

Planogram merchandisers often work with tight budgets and limited retail space to build their designs within, so knowing how retailers can maximize the resources to their merchandisers is necessary. 

  • Stay on top of customer behavior and market forecasts: Retail market trends provide invaluable information to merchandisers. It is a primary responsibility of merchandisers to know the trends for the market the retailer operates in and monitor how customers are responding to those trends.  
  • Strategize how to maximize retail space for increased sales: Merchandisers are the best source of knowledge for the current status of a retail store’s inventory. Retailers should seek quality retail software that has smart inventory functions that automate the tedious aspects of inventory to allow for a deeper analysis into the performance of your inventory. 
  • Be inventive with store layout and shelving designs: To make your retail space stand out, utilize the design talents of merchandisers to craft compelling store designs that keep your shoppers engaged. Even with limited store space and resources, little changes in the store layout can go a long way for your retail space. 

Scorpion Planogram Software for Merchandisers 

Scorpion software for planogram merchandisers is the best software to round out a merchandiser’s toolkit when it comes to store planning and design. With Scorpion, retail space planning is quick and effective. The easy-to-use commands within the platform mean less time spent trying to figure out how to use the software and more time spent thinking up your next store design. 

Contact the Scorpion team to arrange a demo of the products to see how they can work for your retail business in real time.