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How Scorpion Planogram Simplifies Retail Shelf Planning

How Scorpion Planogram Simplifies Retail Shelf Planning 1368 936 Scorpion Planogram

Scorpion Planogram is a software solution that empowers retailers. By using this tool, retailers can design and visualise planograms in a 3D environment. More important, this shelf planning software makes it easier for retailers to shelf different categories of products.

What is Shelf Planning Software?

Shelf planning is the art of arranging the most popular merchandise in a store where customers can find them. It is an essential strategy for maximizing profits. That’s because it focuses on effective category management! Retailers gain indispensable advantages when they focus on implementing an effective shelf planning strategy.

5 Benefits of Shelf Planning Planogram Software

The Scorpion Planogram tool provides many retailers worldwide with significant benefits that impact the overall performance of their stores. These benefits are listed below:

Hassle-free shelf planning

Our tool empowers retailers who want to implement a shelf planning strategy without any hassle. Scorpion Planogram saves time by making the process of designing planograms simple and quick due to their clutter free interface and intuitive software.

Insights and improved analysis capabilities

Scorpion planogram tool provides insights on brand and category performance. The result is useful analytics to help develop more informed and data-driven shelf planning strategies. This is especially important since it enables retailers to analyze how retail space is actually used and compare it to past space usage.

Quicker on-boarding for your retail staff

Through the intuitive and easy use of our software, shelf planning becomes easier to learn for your staff. By using our Scorpion Viewer app, you can share your planograms with all your staff for them to view the planograms and report without the ability to change the planograms.  

Quickly track shelf space usage

Another advantage is the fact that you can quickly track shelf space usage and avoid discrepancies that would otherwise reduce sales. As your staff tracks space planning using our tool, you and your team are also empowered to make better decisions.

Affordable retail space planning

Shelf planning can be inexpensive. At Scorpion Planogram, we provide a free online live demonstration of our software during a meeting with one of our planogram experts. This will introduce you to all its features as well. You can sign up at

Why Your Store Needs Planogram Automation Capabilities

Planograms with built-in automation features are indispensable for today’s impact-driven retailer. These tools save retailers both time and money by ensuring the maintenance of adequate stock levels. They also guarantee retailers stock shelves in a way that attracts customers.

Scorpion Planogram provides a full complement of features including automation.

With Scorpion Planogram, retailers get the help they need to design viable planograms. These are informed by data-driven insights in real-time. Retailers can also decide upon the best shelf planning strategy by iterating on various scenarios while visualizing planograms in an immersive 3D environment. These tools prepare retailers to better meet the needs of their customers.