Plan for Retail Success with Store Planning Software

Plan for Retail Success with Store Planning Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

When it comes to success in retail, sticking to the status quo simply won’t cut it.

Consumers are demanding better customer experience. They enter stores equipped with knowledge about what they want with far more options available than ever before. To beat the competition and get customers coming to your stores again and again, retailers need to guess less about what customers really need and, instead, use tools to create better store layouts and customer experiences.

By using exceptional store planning software, forward-thinking retailers can simplify their processes, win customers and outperform competitors.

But what does exceptional retail store layout software look like? We’ve compiled a list of key capabilities retailers can look for when purchasing planogram software.

Get Insights before Store Planning Begins

Gone are the days when retailers could create planograms from guesswork and still stay ahead. Effective store planning requires time and energy and, most of all, insights based on data. We help our clients get insights before the planning of a store layout begins.

These insights help them implement product placement that drives sales and guarantees exceptional customer experiences.

Not surprising, one of our customers, Mike Shaw, a retail space planner at Game Retail said this about his experience using our store planogram software:

“Since we started to use Scorpion, we are much more efficient and conscious of space planning now that we have this tool to visually place products with accurate dimensions on our fixtures.”

Create Planograms in an Immersive 3D Environment

Another feature to look for in game changing retail store store layout software relates to 3D store planning capabilities.

Scorpion Planogram software is the only retail program that enables retailers to create 2D displays of their stores which they can then render in a 3D environment. It is a powerful tool for designing and visualizing store concepts.

The 3D capability ensures that retailers can easily determine the best layout for a store and organize product placement accordingly. This in turn reduces the need for mock-up fixtures. Thus, saving both time and money.

Retail Store Planning from a Shopper’s Perspective

One Israel-based business that recently reviewed our planogram said this about the importance of customer experience:

“With customer experience as the new king of convenience, it’s essential that stores are designed with the customer in mind—modeling and testing your planograms to ensure they’re in line with customer expectations is a vital step to increasing sales in your chain.”

We couldn’t agree more.

That’s why we created powerful tools to help every retailer create a store layout with ease. We simplify the store planning process by focusing on providing retailers with a true shopper perspective. Our planogram tools, for instance the Scorpion Planogram software, enable retailers to see the performance of products, for instance bestsellers compared to low performance products, and adjust store planning accordingly to increase sales.

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