How to Get Results with Retail Range Optimization Software

How to Get Results with Retail Range Optimization Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Retailers offer incredible value to customers, providing the products they need to get important jobs done. Whether these products are food items, clothing or gadgets, customers need retailers to get access to the goods they purchase.

But a retailer’s job is rarely easy. As with any kind of business, retailers need to stay abreast of customers’ needs and provide optimal access to the goods these customers demand. The right tools can simplify the process, enabling  retailers to improve product placement and thereby impact sales.

Range optimization software gets the job done since the best range optimization enables retailers to simplify retail range planning.

Why Range Optimization Software?

In a typical store, a product rarely stands alone.

Each product category often includes a range of products. Take clothing, for instance. When stocking clothing in your store, you’ll need different products to suit each customer’s needs. For instance, men’s clothing may include jeans, shorts, suits for formal settings, t-shirts and more.

Each type of men’s clothing will also have a range of options to suiting different customers based on their individual style and size.

But how do you guarantee your store displays the right mix of products within each category?

Technology simplifies the range planning process. As mentioned in our article about the benefits of range optimization and planograms, strategic product placement is the key.

Strategic product placement that results in less time and effort requires the use of high-impact retail software. Thus, retail success demands the use of range optimization software!

Choosing the Right Range Optimization Software for Your Business

Two important tools that offer retail range optimization include Scorpion Range Planner and Scorpion One. These enable retailers to gain insights from shoppers which in turn improve the customer experience and drives sales in any given store.

Scorpion retail range optimization tools will be an asset to any retailer who wants to do the following tasks more effectively:

  • Align product ranges for each store with shopper demand
  • Understand product performance and create planograms accordingly
  • Prepare range review and category assortments proposals
  • Transform analytics range review into actionable insights in less time
  • Target a specific depth and breadth of range in terms of the category strategy or market coverage objectives

Scorpion One Software

Scorpion One software is a range optimization, planogram tool and floor planning tool in one. This means that retailers who choose this product will have a full range of retail solutions to increase the success of their store.

In addition to providing optimal product placement, the tool enables retailers to automate their planograms across all stores and visualize products within a 3-D environment.  Of course, since Scorpion One includes a floor planning tool, retailers will also be able to easily organize their store plans and create compelling store concepts across multiple stores.

Scorpion Range Planner

Scorpion Range Planner is perfect for retailers seeking a comprehensive range planning solution. It includes a category management software equipped with an intuitive approach to managing product range assortment.

With several models to optimize range, Scorpion Range Planner empowers retailers, enabling them to gain the competitive advantage they need to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Scorpion retail range optimization tools guarantee effective product placement and increased sales! Learn more about our products by signing up for a free demo.