4 Benefits of Using Effective Retail Space Planning Software

4 Benefits of Using Effective Retail Space Planning Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

If you’re a retail professional, you’ve likely heard about retail space planning software. These tools organize products and help retailers use the space within their stores to attract customers. 

With the right tools, retailers can amplify their ability to design retail space that works for every customer.

Imagine a store that thrives regardless of competition and increasing customer demands! Space planning tools limit repetitive tasks, offer astoundingly useful store analysis and insights, as well as other advantages which in turn result in increased sales. 

In this article, we’ll shed light on some of the benefits retailers enjoy as they use effective retail store planning software. 

Design and View Store Plan With Ease 

One of the biggest challenges facing retailers in recent years relates to lack of data. Retailers need meaningful insights from data to meet customers where they are. With data readily available, a retailer need not worry about which goods to shelf or where to place their products. 

Scorpion Planogram provides this data and integrates easy-to-use design and view features which make it easy for retailers to create a store plan.

Since retailers can create these designs based on sales data within the store, they’re also better prepared to optimize their retail space while ensuring customers access the products they want most. 

Optimize Retail Space for Every Product Category

Are you making the best use of retail space by guaranteeing each product category is placed in optimal areas within your store?

An impressive solution to this is the Category Space versus Sales Analysis feature of our store design software. It highlights the sales value of different areas or fixtures within the store in addition to the sales value of the shelves within these sections of the store. 

This data, as well as other insights which the tool offers, makes it easier for retailers to stay abreast of a customer’s needs. It also ensures in-demand products are shelved at optimal locations within the store and can increase the time spent in the stores by customers through the customer journey. 

Increase Sales by using Store Planogram Software to Reduce Out-of-Stocks and Manage Inventory 

Here’s a disappointing scenario for any customer: a product that they expect to find in-store is out-of-stock. A situation such as this leaves the customer with little alternative but to seek the product elsewhere, which results in reduced sales at your retail store and reduction in customer loyalty. 

Planogram software guarantees your store satisfies customers’ needs by keeping track of products and consumer demand, ensuring that the products your customers need will be available on a consistent basis.

By accurately stocking store based on insights regarding consumer demand, you’ll also reduce the cost of your retail store’s inventory. 

In the case of Scorpion Planogram, retailers can access an impressive retail solution that  includes fully integrated store planning, range and planogram software. 

Design Visually Appealing Fixtures to Drive Sales

Fixtures play an important part in retail stores since they display products and attract the attention of customers. What if your space planning software made fixture design simple while guaranteeing that your products stand out? 

Effective store planning tools enhance a retailer’s ability to design fixtures that attract consumers. These tools also ensure that the fixtures store or display the products best suited for each type of fixture located within the retail store.

Retailers can thrive if equipped with tools built to help them succeed. Effective retail space planning software does just that! They are designed with both the retailer and consumer in mind to guarantee improved sales and productive retail stores where customers feel confident and happy. 

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