Using the Right Tools for Visual Merchandising Software

Using the Right Tools for Visual Merchandising Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Retailers access significant benefits when they use visual merchandising software. This is due to the robust capabilities that the best visual merchandising tools provide in today’s competitive retail market. For instance, these tools improve the sales optimization of merchandising displays. But that is just a small part of the benefits since software like Scorpion Planogram also offer data-driven insights into your store planning, range planning, category management, 3D display presentation, and automated planogramming.

In this article we’ll discuss why your stores need the best merchandising resource on the market today. We’ll also explain why we recommend Scorpion to retailers seeking to improve their visual merchandising efforts and generate increased sales!

Why Visual Merchandising Software?

Let’s face it: visual merchandising isn’t a task for a novice. It requires extensive knowledge of merchandising displays, store planning, range assortment, and category management. Retailers can only optimize sales and improve their store’s inventory management when they understand the intricacies of their job and manage their responsibilities efficiently.

Visual merchandising tools help retailers get the job done while guaranteeing improved profits for retail stores. In fact, innovative leaders in retail know that visual merchandising software is an indispensable tool for proper retail management since implementing visually appealing product displays and effective store layouts helps products sell themselves!

A big part of getting the job done relates to a retailer’s access to data. For instance, consider the predictive power and actionable intelligence a visual merchandiser gleans from tracking the impact of specific merchandising strategies on sales. Moreover, consider how a merchandiser’s understanding of the collective behavior of customers in their stores can be amplified through the use of data insights available via today’s best visual merchandising tools. Most merchandisers, particularly those eager to adopt technology to drive their store’s competitive advantage, already recognize the value of this data.

These forward-thinking, results-driven retail professionals access visual merchandising software that improves their ability to make decisions that impact revenue. But how exactly do merchandising tools work and what can a visual merchandiser expect from the best retail software?

Planogram and Merchandising Features

Scorpion retail software makes it easy for retailers to create effective planograms and implement range optimization without compromising store design or the retail floor plan. Our IT system ensures that you have full access to impressive software features without introducing vulnerabilities to your data server and proprietary information. In addition, note the following benefits every visual merchandiser obtains when they use of our merchandising platform:

  • Planogram Design: With our tool, retailers simplify the planogram design process and tasks related to product assortment. They can also effectively communicate this design to sales and merchandising teams within a given store as well as design multiple planograms for use in larger retail businesses where numerous stores each need their own planograms.  Since design changes are visible in real-time, planogram design updates become immediately  available to team members.
  • 3D Planogram: Unlike two-dimensional mockup displays, 3D planograms provide an immersive visual experience that enables merchandisers to view exactly what customers see when they enter a store. Retailers who use 3D planogram technology also see how product displays will look at different times of the day and at different locations in the store.
  • Category Insights: Our software offers category management insights that create a deeper understanding of your available shelf space. A range of analytics and data reports will ensure merchandisers can more effectively meet—and respond to changes in—consumer demand. This results in increased profits.
  • Planogram Automation: Through planogram automation, our retail clients create planogram displays in just a few minutes! Once you indicate the point of sales, shelf type, and decorative elements, our program will create a personalized and automated planogramming process.

Why Scorpion One Merchandising Software?

Scorpion One offers easy access to all the planogram features and benefits mentioned above. Moreover, merchandisers who choose this program will automatically obtain access to our interactive viewer tool, range optimization, as well as store planning and floor planning capabilities.

Need even more assistance? Take advantage of our space planning consultancy services with planogram and store plan creation, range reviews and product photography.