Profitable Customer Experience Begins with Planogram Retail Software

Profitable Customer Experience Begins with Planogram Retail Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Proper space management is essential to success in retail. Planograms or POG retail software equip retailers with the tools they need to establish better-stocked shelves, relevant product facings and attractive displays that result in increased sales within their retail store. Any retailer who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the retail business while guaranteeing long-term success stands to benefit from using planograms.

Better Customer Experience with POG Retail Software

POG retail software has become an industry standard for retailers and suppliers looking to better understand the retail business and gain insights into consumer behavior. While retail merchandisers and suppliers can more easily manage planogram design and compliance thanks to innovative POG retail technologies, not every planogram provides the same benefits. In fact, some fail to offer even basic features that every retail professional needs to successfully achieve their category objectives and drive sales.

What some planograms lack is the ability to capture customer experience. To capture this experience, retail planogram software must give its users a realistic and data-driven view of how products really appear in a store.

If retailers and suppliers alike could easily capture how products appear in a store from the viewpoint of a customer, they’d be prepared to gain useful insights that direct their decisions regarding product placement and other key tasks within retail management. Moreover, such innovative planograms would make it easier for managers to determine what products customers prefer and guarantee every customer accesses these products without any hassle. Optimal product placement, in turn, would result in a better overall customer experience and increased sales.

Essential POG Retail Software Features

With products like Scorpion Planogram, merchandisers as well as suppliers can easily manage every stage of planogram design while keeping the customer experience in mind. Important features of the Scorpion POG retail software include the following:

  • From 2D to 3D viewing: Most planograms on the market offer only two-dimensional viewing. Scorpion planogram ensures retailers and suppliers view exactly how products appear in a store with the click of a mouse via 3D planograms!
  • Easy-to-use software design: Design need not be complicated. Quick and easy planogramming optimizes the micro space planning process for buyers, category managers, space planners and planogrammers alike — all while reducing redundant tasks, and saving time and money.
  • Real-time planogram updates: Planograms of the past relied on printouts that made it hard to track changes and communicate them to team members across the organisation a retailer or supplier represents. That’s why it’s essential that POG retail software provides its users access to any updates or changes in real-time. With the Scorpion app, users can see any modifications as soon as they are made and send messages which all team members can then view.
  • POG retail software maintenance: Since our POG software products are built with ease-of-use in mind, retailers guarantee increased compliance among staff members once they adopt this product within their retail management system. Our software development team also supports clients by ensuring users and their IT staff are up-to-date with data management and security.
  • Integrated approach to retail management. Whether users represent a large multinational company or a small retail store, all benefit from our integrated approach to planogramming. For instance, we provide access to Scorpion One, a POG software that manages all space planning activities including planogram design, store planning, range optimization and more!

POG Retail Software for Visual Merchandisers

On average, a shopper takes only a few seconds to make a decision to purchase a product. Researchers, for instance, highlight that it takes 8.5 seconds for consumers to decide which laundry detergent to buy when they walk down a shopping aisle. For coffee, cold cereal and margarine, the category shopping time on average is also less than 12 seconds!

Let’s face the facts: retail customers have a limited time to shop. They often make quick decisions about which categories to purchase or which departments to visit based on these time constraints. Indeed, they may even know which brands they are looking for long before they visit a store and easily ignore products that do not grab their attention.

With these realities of retail consumer behavior in mind, it’s practically impossible to overstate the importance of visual merchandising in retail. Visual merchandisers who use planogram software with 3D technology view an accurate representation of what retail displays look like from the viewpoint of the shopper. Merchandisers can also benefit from 3D POG software since it enables them to:

  • Easily add depth and lighting effects to 2D display images
  • Design multiple fixtures (open shelves, pegboards, slot walls, blocks, table tops and freezer chests, etc.)
  • View display fixtures from any angle, height, or orientation!

Best of all, with a quick request for a live demo, we’ll help merchandising see exactly what our POG software products have to offer.

POG Retail Software for Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers

Many in retail still think POGs are tools for retailers only. Thankfully, that’s a fallacy. Results-driven distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers  stand to gain significant benefits as well. Some have even shared their own planogram success stories on our website. Take, for instance, Skyler McFeeley, a Lead Analyst at a large US fruit supplier:

“Scorpion software has allowed us to be the experts for our customers and changed the atmosphere of our business meetings for the better! We have become much quicker at turning around sets for retailers that show what the product looks like on the shelf, and how the data justifies those positions. We’ve become more efficient when creating planograms and this has allowed us to be extremely flexible with our customer’s needs!”

Suppliers who use our POG retail software also access 3D technology which provides an accurate representation of product placement. These suppliers gain other benefits as well since our software enables them to:

  • Reduce need to build time-consuming and expensive mock-ups
  • Eliminate occurrences of out-of-stock goods on retail shelves
  • Increase profits and build long-term relationships with retailers

In today’s competitive retail space, no merchandiser or supplier needs to feel overwhelmed by time-consuming tasks. Simply use POG retail software and get unlimited benefits that result in long-term growth within your retail business.