Find Out What Makes for the Best Merchandising Software

Find Out What Makes for the Best Merchandising Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

When searching the market for the best merchandising software, you’ll quickly find yourself in a maze of best-of lists, provider reviews, and product profiles that may or may not address your specific need for merchandising software. It’s true that different companies are looking for different software features and product pricing, but we encourage you to discover when a growing number of retailers and suppliers are choosing Scorpion for their merchandising software. You won’t find a better combination of visual merchandising features and category management analysis. Scorpion Planogram has a powerful software platform that can coordinate multi-faceted merchandising efforts into a single, coherent strategy.

The Best Merchandising Software is Visual

Our planogram software provides discrete features that will optimize specific areas of your visual merchandising strategy.

  • Effective planogram and visual merchandising software starts with intuitive design tools and micro-space planning resources. Our Planogram Design offers an easy way to update shelf space allocation and reduce compliance errors with fewer labor-intensive tasks. Our software also makes it easy to include any type of merchandising fixture such as open shelves, pegboards, slot walls, blocks, tabletops and freezer chests.
  • Once you’ve finished creating your 2D planogram designs, our 3D Planogram software feature will render a virtual environment of your entire sales floor and store design. You can see shelf displays from both adult and child view levels. You can see how different fixtures and lighting design stands to impact your visual merchandising and shopper’s flow in navigating aisles, endcaps, corner displays, and foot path around the store.
  • Looking to reduce costs and increase planogram compliance at the same time? Our Planogram Automation software delivers greater operational efficiency without sacrificing the performance of basic planogram merchandising, maintenance, and data collection. Our software makes it so that retail stores that have determined the optimal layout for their store and merchandising fixtures can generate and update planogram designs in just minutes. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time out to get the most from your retail space.

Best Merchandising, Inventory, and POS Software for Retailers

Along with visual planogram resources, merchandising software should be able to incorporate advanced sales metrics and data analytics from POS systems into better category insights and inventory management. That’s exactly what you can expect from our Category Insights. Sales gap and hotspot analysis can inform and improve the next round of planogram designs. Use cross planogram analysis to see how the best-performing stores can improve the performance at other stores and within specific product categories. Assortment planning and days of supply analysis can unlock creative merchandising strategies without hurting inventory and supply-chain efficiencies.

Our Category Insights software provides real-time feedback from the sales floor and buyer activity to keep retailers and suppliers on the same page and coordinating efforts at every critical decision point. And this isn’t the only way that Scorpion software can integrate different parts of your retail business.

Comprehensive Retail Planning with Scorpion One

With Scorpion One, you’ll have the type of foundational retail merchandising platform that can deliver a selection of the best merchandising software features.

  • Planogram: This software starts with all of our planogram features including design, 3D Interactive Viewer, Automation, and Category Insights.
  • Store and Retail Floor Planning: This adds whole store floor planning capabilities to your micro-space planogram capabilities. This is a great product for retailers launching new store locations.
  • Assortment Planning: Also known as our Range Planner software, this application offers comprehensive analysis of product assortment across each category and each store location.

Scorpion One will integrate these software features and allow you to manage your entire retail business from a single platform. This software solution also offers compatible data warehousing features so that you can leverage software features from third-party providers.