New Fashion Merchandising Software Relies on Smart Planogram Design

New Fashion Merchandising Software Relies on Smart Planogram Design 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Fashion merchandising software is offering new resources to today’s retailers, buyers, suppliers, merchandisers, and marketing managers. Rather than replacing human-driven creative problem-solving and visual design skills, this software is super-charging these insights while creating new avenues of actionable strategies to improve the overall performance of your stores and retail business. Learn how Scorpion software provides a platform that serves as a bridge between your fashion merchandising team and new data mining technologies.

AI Mining Software Needs Something to Mine

AI software is commonly misunderstood to be software that can identify and fix problems of almost any nature. Check out this quote in a recent Forbes News article written by Ronald Schmelzer, Managing Partner & Principal Analyst at Cognilytica. “Despite the established nature of the fashion industry, AI is fundamentally transforming the industry from the way that fashion companies manufacture their products to the way they are marketed and sold. AI technologies are transforming the fashion industry in every element of its value chain such as designing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales.”

While it’s true that these AI programs can do some pretty amazing things and provide insights into many different types of hidden fashion retail opportunities, the software still depends on the data that fuels its machine learning. If you look beyond the sensational headlines like “How AI Will Decide What You Wear,” you see what really drives AI software insights is large and richly textured datasets.

Other software programs and retail practices collect and report the data which is then mined by AI software for actionable merchandising insights. This helps explain why Scorpion Planogram is an invaluable fashion merchandising software resource for retailers of today and tomorrow. In fact, the development of AI in the fashion retail sector has been just as much of a story about retailers collecting better retail and space-planning data as any huge leap in software technology.

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Fashion Merchandising Software and Data-Driven Insights

Despite the fashion industry’s pseudo-reputation for being a leader in business tech, many fashion merchandising leaders aren’t that tech-savvy at all. What the successful retailers do have in common is a recognition of the value in creating, collecting, and maintaining data on sales and other key performance metrics. AI software recognizes subtle patterns that emerge over very large and/or textured datasets, but Scorpion Planogram can help you create these data warehouses. Our software has the potential to identify, collect, and report in an actionable way key planogram, visual merchandising, and category management insights.

It starts with basic planogram designs and store planning software that serves as a baseline for visual merchandising strategies and continuous improvement toward optimized store design and assortment planning. 3D planogram design software then creates a more robust dataset of merchandising performance. This data can account for the placement of store fixtures, lighting effects throughout the day, better metrics for adult and child view levels, and many other key data points. By rendering a virtual retail store environment, our software can give your merchandising and planogram managers the visual feedback they need to design better planograms and product displays. At the same time, our software can quantify these visual design choices. These types of planogram measurements can provide insights and value years down the road, whether through AI-driven software or more standard long-term software analysis of your data.

Start Your Fashion Merchandising Software Resources with Scorpion

If you’re looking for foundational merchandising software, Scorpion has the platform you need. We offer a bundle of core retail software applications: planogram, retail floor planner, range planner, and interactive viewer. Bundled into a single platform, Scorpion One will offer a comprehensive retail software solution with strong system security as well as compatibility with data mining and other software technologies.