Maximize Your Sales with a Well-Tuned Planogram Display

Maximize Your Sales with a Well-Tuned Planogram Display 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

A planogram software has several uses. Managers use it to understand buying patterns, refill inventory, and organize store layouts. But planogram display, also known as visual merchandising, should not be overlooked. Visual merchandising is the art of displaying products on a shelf. It should both improve customer experience and be visually compelling. While some may think this type of organization is intuited, retail managers know the truth: visual merchandizing is best deployed with the use of a planogram software.

Visual merchandising may sound straightforward, but it relies on data insights gleaned only with a software tool. These displays should not only look good – they should also drive sales. Only with understanding buyer patterns, store layout, merchandise exposure, and product placement can a retailer create an effective planogram display.

But how does planogram display drive sales? We’ll break it down below.

Using a Planogram to Drive Sales

  • Put high-demand products front-and-center. Using buying data gleaned from our planogram software, retailers know what customers are buying. Use this information to put the highest-selling products in the highest-visibility areas. This data is especially important for seasonal displays. Remove the guesswork from seasonal displays by relying on past-season buying trends to give customers what they’re looking for.
  • Create a visually appealing shelf. A good planogram software will allow users to organize their products virtually. You’ll be able to see which items will sell well based on placement. This allows managers to experiment with various layouts, saving time while creating the best-possible shelf organization.
  • Increase the number of customers. An effective window display will draw in new customers. This, in turn, will boost sales, especially when combined with thoughtfully placed shelving and fixtures.
  • Increase brand loyalty. Visual merchandising will improve the customer experience. With specific visualization strategies, your customer will better understand your brand – through the products you choose to highlight, how your store is organized, and even the color used in seasonal displays.
  • Boost repeat sales. A visually appealing display that increases brand loyalty will also encourage repeat sales. This can significantly improve a business’s bottom line and make it easier to plan future product visualizations.
  • Make the most of your space. Even the smallest retail space needs well-designed shelves. Draw customers to the products they want with effectively placed items.

In making thoughtful product decisions, you are less likely to overwhelm your target audience with options. Visual merchandising is about more than making your shelves look nice. Utilize real customer data to design a planogram display that boosts sales and creates brand loyalty.

Using Scorpion Planogram for Visual Merchandising

Scorpion retail software allows users to create and test meaningful displays without moving a single product. Digitally organize your shelf to check its efficiency, then get to work deploying the strategy. Our tools allow you to simplify the planogram design process, glean key buyer insights, and manage inventory. Our 3D Planogram can create an immersive visual experience, and Category Insights allows you to have a better understanding of your available shelf space. To make the most of your brick-and-mortar retail business, choose Scorpion for your planogram display needs.