Convenience Store Planogram Software and Design Tips

Convenience Store Planogram Software and Design Tips 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

A convenience store planogram can be essential for optimizing shelf, wall, and overall retail space. These stores occupy a strange position in the retail world. Convenience stores are often small but carry a wide selection of products. A planogram software can ensure that business owners make the most of every inch of space, no matter how tight their shelving.

A convenience store planogram is more than a tool to drive sales. This type of software enhances customer experience while organizing products in a way that makes sense to shoppers. While these factors are historically important, 2020 and the novel coronavirus pandemic have driven the need for a streamlined retail experience and good customer interactions. Businesses – especially spaces as small as convenience stores – need to adapt customer experience to maintain sales during the coronavirus pandemic. A planogram software can help do just that.

Category Management and Planning for Convenience Stores

Category management is essential to every retail operation, but convenience stores have an especially acute need. These multi-use retailers can have dozens of product categories, each with several brands and options. All of these sections need to be monitored to understand buying patterns and adjust inventory supply, which can drive sales. A planogram software can simplify this process.

In choosing a planogram tool for convenience stores with category management, managers and owners can make the most of their small, packed spaces. Why devote an entire shelf to a product that doesn’t sell well? Why put a poorly selling brand at eye level when the more popular option is on the lowest shelf? These insights are critical to convenience stores, who have limited shelf space, a plethora of products, and purchase-oriented customers.

What’s more, a planogram can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. While most convenience store shoppers have an item in mind when they enter a store, impulse buys make up a large portion of most Americans’ total spends each year. This means convenience store planograms are about more than creating the perfect retail template. You’ll need to optimize your high-visibility areas to both encourage high spend and allow your customers to relax. This, in turn, can drive sales.

Improve Customer Experience with POG Retail Software

While category management and organization may be your primary convenience store planogram use, customer experience is a helpful addition. Scorpion planogram software allows managers and store owners to understand what their customers are buying. This can help them to place these items in more convenient spots. Shortening the amount of time a customer spends looking for a product increases the likelihood of a sale. The result is a streamlined, effective customer experience.

Buyers are spending less time in stores than ever before. Allow your customers to get in and out efficiently with an effectively deployed planogram. Convenience stores benefit from the occasional reorganizing and well-optimized shelf space. Make the most of your retail operation and help customers find products with Scorpion planogram, a tool designed with convenience stores in mind.