Product Placement in Retail Stores Matters – Here’s Why

Product Placement in Retail Stores Matters – Here’s Why 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

The right product placement in retail stores optimizes the retail space to increase sales and create appealing product displays. The layout of a store influences a customer’s buying experience. Stores can take advantage of this fact to develop a strategic layout that advertises new products while still organizing routine stock.

A quality planogram software is the best way to create a product placement scheme for your store. Scorpion planogram software gives your store the resources to get started on your product placement right away and without any prior experience. You do not have to hire a professional or invest a lot of money into a planogram service to reap the rewards of product placement. Scorpion planogram makes your store transformation possible and professional.


What Is Product Placement? 

Product placement is a marketing technique meant to promote new products through targeted advertising. In retail spaces, you can see product placement with displays at the end of the aisles and specific shelf placement. Retailers use these displays to stock the specialty items to promote customer interest.

Within a planogram software, you can incorporate the displays into your store layout as you plan. This way, you can visualize the product placement scheme as you finalize the store plans. This allows you to ensure everything is in its place.


Advantages of Strategic Product Placement in Retail Stores

If you are a retailer deciding whether to allow brands to use product placement in your stores, consider the benefits of product placement.

  • Improved Customer Experience – A strategic store layout is a powerful tool for influencing purchasing behavior. Successful product placement will encourage your customers to try new products while still finding their standard purchases. Retailers can translate information about their customers’ buying habits into a positive shopping experience using the technology of a planogram software.
  • Relationship with Brands – Not only can your store benefit from the slotting fees you collect from product placements, but you can also build a working relationship with brands. As you continue to work with brands to incorporate their displays into your store design, you can create loyalty. This loyalty will keep the brand wanting to advertise products in your store to increase sales for them and you.
  • Increase Sales – Increasing sales is perhaps the most convincing reason to consider product placement in retail stores. A relatively small investment in store planning software pays off with higher sales. Implementing the right product placement practices in your retail space makes products more desirable for customers and will keep them shopping.


Scorpion Offers Planogram Software for Product Placement in Retail Stores

Scorpion floor planning software can help retail businesses harness the power of product placement to benefit their business. Our planogram software is accessible for first-time planogram users. This can reduce the learning curve you might experience with other software providers. In addition, Scorpion software is cost-effective, giving you the resources of a planogram expert without having to hire a professional. Scorpion planogram software is the best way to get started with product placement in your space.