How to Implement a Planogram in Retail Spaces

How to Implement a Planogram in Retail Spaces 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Creating a store layout is only part of the process of utilizing a planogram in retail spaces. Retailers not only need to know how to develop an effective retail plan, but they also need to know how to put their plan into action in the physical retail space. Successful planograms have the ability to increase sales and improve the customer’s experience. Keeping your planogram in compliance is a key aspect of realizing these improvements to your business.

Scorpion offers a cost-effective planogram software that retailers can use to create new store layouts. Your retail business can take advantage of your retail space and begin to see improvements. Learn how your retail store can benefit from a new planogram and best practices for accurate planogram implementation.


What is Planogram Compliance? 

Planogram compliance means matching the actual store layout to the planned design. Compliance ensures the retail store displays products correctly. It also keeps the shelves adequately stocked with inventory. Retailers render a planogram useless if they do not properly install the new layout and stick to the plans.

Compliance should be the goal for retailers. Data drives the planogram process, so the resulting design is the best way to optimize the space. Retailers should consider the best practices for using a planogram in retail spaces to maximize the benefits from the planogram.


Best Practices for Using a Planogram in Retail Merchandising

Follow these best practices to help your retail business realize the rewards of a planogram.

  • Strategic Product Placement and Displays: Product placement and displays help your customers discover new products and allow you to build relationships with brands. Use your planogram to strategically place products to increase sales.
  • Pay Attention to Planogram Details: Planograms direct the placement of individual units of inventory, so the details matter. Be sure to carefully stock the shelves and pay close attention to each aspect of the design.
  • Make Routine Planogram Checks to Ensure Compliance: You cannot simply install a new planogram and consider the work done. Planogram compliance requires frequent review of the store layout to ensure the plan is intact and your inventory is correct.


Use Scorpion Planogram in Retail Store Planning

Scorpion planogram software is an all-in-one resource for retailers looking to design and install fresh planogram designs in their retail space. The easy software platform is ideal for any size business and for any planogram experience level. You do not have to be an expert to begin using Scorpion software in your store. For these reasons, Scorpion is also cost-effective since you do not have to hire a planogram expert. All the functions you need are in one place.

The planogram software is responsive to your needs and can tailor to your experience. With category insights, 3D planogram views, and other interactive viewing tools, Scorpion has the versatility retail businesses need from a software. You can contact the team at Scorpion if you are interested in planogram software or have questions on how the software can help your business.