How to Choose the Best Planogram Software for Your Retail Business

How to Choose the Best Planogram Software for Your Retail Business 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

When you make the choice to invest in a software tool for your retail store, you will want to choose the best planogram software available. There are a lot of software providers to choose from, so it can be overwhelming to know how to pick. While most planogram software has common features, not every software has what you need.

A planogram software is a worthwhile investment only if the software you choose has all the functionality you require. This post will cover what about planogram software helps retail businesses and what features to look for in a software. Scorpion software is the complete package for retailers looking to maximize their retail space with a quality planogram software.


Planogram Software Optimizes Your Retail Space

The best planogram software yields great improvements for your retail space, including the following outcomes.

  • Efficient Use of Store Space: Store planograms allow you to maximize your shelf space to house your inventory and make the best use of your store layout.
  • Accurately Track Inventory and Product Performance: Planogram software conveniently tracks how inventory moves in and out of your stores to identify top performers and the right time to restock.
  • Refresh Store Design: Planograms allow you to create appealing product displays to rethink your retail space.


What to Look for in the Best Planogram Software

To take advantage of the benefits of planogram software, look for the following features in  your software tool.

  • Retail Floor Planning: Space planning is at the heart of a planogram software. The software should enable you to easily craft store layouts without advanced experience.
  • Visual Merchandising: The best software should allow you to not only create layouts, but also to see the layouts in context. Look for a software that provides a 3D view of your layouts.
  • Category Insights: Planogram software should provide category insights. Category insights are a powerful data analytics tool to understand your inventory and success of your layouts.


Scorpion Offers the Best Planogram Software for Your Business

Scorpion planogram software is the best option for retail businesses. Scorpion products are user-friendly yet still provide retailers with professional quality store planning functions. First-time planogram users are able to easily navigate the software with drag and drop features. The cloud-based storage options make Scorpion a collaborative tool for your whole team to work on the design. You can generate insightful category reports that can inform your shelf layouts and product inventories.

On top of the planogram software, Scorpion offers store planning, category management, and layout visualization software to bring your designs to fruition. Scorpion’s 3D planogram viewer gives you the opportunity to see your designs from the perspective of the customer, creating a more immersive design process.

While there are many planogram providers to choose from, Scorpion stands apart. Scorpion offers cost-effective software to retail businesses of any size and with any planogram experience level. Consider Scorpion planogram software for your business to improve your sales and optimize your retail space.