3 Reasons to Invest in POG Retail Software This Year

3 Reasons to Invest in POG Retail Software This Year 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

POG retail software is more important now than ever before, especially for brick-and-mortar stores. In recent years, online retail has disrupted where and how people shop. In-person shoppers are now seeking out a different experience. Namely, they are interested in experiential retail, technologically optimized storefronts, and mixed-use retail spaces, according to the National League of Cities.

While some businesses have pivoted easily into these new retail trends, others have struggled to make the change. That’s where POG software can help. This essential service can optimize a store’s space. Providing a better customer experience is the first step toward keeping your business in the black during a difficult year for in-person shopping. If you’re on the fence about trying a POG software, here are three reasons why you might want to change your mind:


#1: You want to increase sales.

Sales can increase for a variety of reasons after implementing a POG retail software. Grouping items logically can point customers toward higher-margin items. Improving shelf replenishment times can ensure the items they want are always available. Weeding out poorly performing products can increase the number of items a visitor buys. A software tool can help enhance each of these sales factors.


#2: You want to improve customer experience.

These days, in-person shopping needs to include an elevated customer experience. For some businesses, that looks like a logical product flow through the physical space. For others, that includes an experiential or mixed-used portion of the store, like adding a coffee bar to a clothing boutique or a test treadmill to a running shoe store. A planogram tool can help identify what your customers want.


#3: You want a unified brand and store image.

Creating a logical product flow and a comprehensive store aesthetic can help unify a brand image. Through coordinated shelf and window displays, a brick-and-mortar store can solidify their brand aesthetic. Additionally, creating a more efficient customer experience can expedite their time in the store. If they know a trip will only take 15 minutes to collect their items, rather than 30, they may be more likely to stop in for what they need.


Try Scorpion Planogram for Your POG Retail Software Needs

Scorpion Planogram offers POG retail software to bring your business through the next decade. Our tools allow users to transform their brands into an interactive, immersive, and intuitive digital planogram design. With our software, users can experience the store from the customer’s point of view. This provides unique insights for folks who want to improve customer experience, unify their brand, or create an immersive shopping encounter.

To that end, Scorpion Planogram has the analytics support you need to understand what your customers want. Category Insights help users understand what’s happening on their shelves. We do this with assortment lists, gap analyses, cross planogram analyses, hotspot analysis, and Days of Supply analyses. Whether your goal is to increase revenue, improve the shopping experience, or both, Scorpion has the best retail software available.