Getting Ahead in 2023 Retail with Fashion Merchandising Software

Getting Ahead in 2023 Retail with Fashion Merchandising Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Fashion merchandising software is more important now than in years past. With much of the world barred from indoor shopping, the global fashion industry faced extraordinary challenges in 2020 and 2021. But, by late 2021, things appeared to take a turn for the better. With so much pent-up purchasing demand, consumers flocked to stores in search of return-to-work and occasion-related styles.

But the return to pre-2020 buying trends has been both slow and unsteady. With supply chain pressures and the pivot to digital shopping, brick-and-mortar retailers are having a tougher time keeping business in the black.

That’s where fashion merchandising software can help. Tools, like Scorpion Planogram, can help retailers plan and execute certain merchandising actions. This includes deciding which items to stock, where to place them in the store, and when to promote them. While a merchandising software won’t stop supply chain issues, it can certainly alleviate some of its effects.


Fashion Merchandising and the Global Supply Chain

In 2022, the retail industry’s biggest challenges include high material and manufacturing costs and long lead times for purchase orders. Not much is expected to change by 2023. In the lead up to the holiday shopping season, retailers need to reset merchandising strategies to align with inventory management challenges. Fashion merchandising software provides the data insights to make those decisions.

Merchandising and planogram tools allow retailers to make smarter, more informed choices. This is especially true when it comes to inventory management and store layout. In gathering customer data, users can better predict demand. They can also see which items are performing well and which are not as popular. Leveraging those data insights into actionable plans can help safeguard stores against certain macroeconomic forces. A planogram software can help retailers understand what their customers want, where they want it, and when they’re most likely to make the purchase.

Secure planning strategies are among the only resources available to smaller retailers working in the shadow of global supply chain issues. All they need is a user-friendly merchandising software to get started.


Plan for 2023 with Scorpion Planogram

According to experts, retail in 2023 will be similar to retail in 2022. However, customer needs are changing quickly. By 2030, fashion researchers expect customers to expect omnichannel and experiential shopping experiences from every store and brand. Getting a handle on consumer and purchasing data now can help your business address future customer desires more efficiently. Scorpion Planogram provides the tools to do this – and more.

Scorpion provides fashion merchandising software for businesses of all sizes. Our platform provides planogram insights and reports to let retailers know what’s happening on their shelves. Planogram design features allow users to automate and personalize a variety of data gathering processes. We also offer additional software tools, like retail store planning software and a range optimization tool.

For retailers looking ahead and anticipating challenges, a merchandising and planogram software is the best tool in your kit. Try Scorpion Planogram today to secure your business for the coming year.