New Ideas to Refresh Your Retail Floor Plan in 2023

New Ideas to Refresh Your Retail Floor Plan in 2023 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

The new year brings the perfect opportunity to refresh your retail space with an updated retail floor plan. Floor plans impact a customer’s shopping experience and can influence how well your inventory moves. Even slight adjustments to your layout can bring about a big difference in product displays and in-store customer flow. Scorpion planogram software enables retailers to envision a new layout and develop effective planograms to complement the layout. 

Why Focus on Retail Floor Plans? 

Floor plans may not be at the forefront of your options to improve your retail space. However, small changes in your retail floor plan lead to a considerable impact on your sales with minimal investment. Establishing a functional traffic pattern within the retail space means that customers can view more products, spend time looking at specialty displays, and ultimately make more purchases. 

Retailers now have access to more information than ever about their customers and their movement patterns throughout stores. To translate that information into improvements for their store, retailers should consider a new floor plan to boost sales and better the shopping experience. 


Popular Floor Plan Options To Consider 

Deciding on a new layout requires retailers to consider what they hope to improve about their space. Each layout serves a different retail goal. For example, a loop layout offers considerable guidance to customers as they follow the path you determine while a free flow plan leaves the customer in control of how they move through the store. Before picking a floor plan, retailers should identify the goal of their new layout and choose a layout that accomplishes the goal. Below are three examples of popular floor plans with explanations of the purpose they serve. 

Grid: Likely the most common store layout, a grid layout creates a structured shopping experience with rows of displays. While this layout does not encourage customers to freely browse around, this layout is useful for product promotions and visual displays. 

Free Flow: These types of layouts offer the most creative freedom for store planners. Free flow layouts work well for curated merchandise and for maximum customer freedom in exploring the store. The lack of structure may confuse some browsers, so retailers should make sure the design is still functional. 

Loop: Loop or racetrack layouts lead a customer through a set path about the store. Retailers can use this floor plan to promote browsing and ensure customers view new product promotions without skipping past them.  


Scorpion Software Simplifies Floor Planning 

Scorpion retail floor plan software works seamlessly with the planogram functions to offer a comprehensive store planning tool in one program. With Scorpion software, retailers can create their new floor plan, add planogram features, and optimize their store using performance reports. 

Scorpion facilitates easy and cost-effective improvements to your retail space. The planogram and floor planning program has drag and drop functions, making the space planning process efficient and quick. Floor planning allows your retail business to respond to your customers’ wants to tailor a shopping experience that meets their demands and increases sales. Consider changing up your retail store layout to try out a new store flow with Scorpion software.