Enhance Your Retail Space with 3D Visual Merchandising Software

Enhance Your Retail Space with 3D Visual Merchandising Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

3D visual merchandising software enables store planning to reach the next level by being able to step into the shoes of the customer and view your designs in 3D. While merchandisers can design the bulk of their planograms in 2D, a 3D view of planogram designs helps merchandisers experience their design and address areas of concern. A 3D view might highlight areas in which the 2D plan did not translate the same when viewed in 3D. 

Merchandisers looking for this more interactive kind of store planning should consider planogram software with 3D viewing features. Scorpion planogram software comes equipped with the chance to perfect your designs in 2D then see them through a 3D lens. 

Pros of Adding 3D Visuals to Your Store Planning 

The list of benefits of 3D visual merchandising software is expansive, but the following list covers the top reasons why this software is an asset for retail businesses. 

  • View design renderings before committing to changes: Implementing a new store layout can be costly, but store planning software lets you virtually try out a new design before committing. When you can view how store layout components look within their context, you can get a better sense of how to place store elements. Get a better understanding of your plans before the cost of putting the plans in action. 
  • See the store through the customer’s eyes: Often, designs on paper do not have the same effect in reality. To cater to your customers and prioritize their shopping experience, use the 3D view to walk through your store designs as if you were a shopper. Taking the perspective of your customers will help your designs be effective and lead to increased sales. 
  • Able to experiment with creative store designs: Store planning software is user-friendly and a great platform to get creative with testing new store designs. With a 3D view, you can see how new shelving arrangements or product displays take up space and work with your store’s dimensions. This creative freedom can generate fresh ideas to enhance your store
  • Quick and cost-effective: When a new brand offer comes along, you can develop designs quickly to implement product displays or special shelving styles using the 3D view. The software makes the design process less complicated and more cost-effective for retail stores. 

Equip Your Design Team with 3D Visual Merchandising Software 

Scorpion 3D visual merchandising software is a smart resource for retail stores looking to improve their in-store shopping experience. With Scorpion, merchandisers can navigate the convenient 2D planogram designer and then view their designs with the 3D viewer. All of the functions within the software have easy drag-and-drop commands and simple copy and paste capabilities. You do not have to be an expert in planogram software to be able to start designing with Scorpion products. 

Browse the Scorpion gallery to see examples of how Scorpion software can help bring your design goals to life and how 3D visuals can transform your store.