Retail Flooring Software Takes Your Business a Notch Above the Rest

Retail Flooring Software Takes Your Business a Notch Above the Rest 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

All types of retail businesses can benefit from quality planogram software, and retail flooring software is no exception. Retail software equips flooring business with unique features that help streamline the shopping experience and optimize logistical operations. Even though the flooring industry functions differently from other retail businesses like grocery or clothing, flooring retailers still need a reliable software tool to make their business run smoothly. 

Scorpion planogram software has exactly what retail flooring storefronts need to conduct a successful business all while saving money and improving the customer experience. Read on to learn the software features that make the investment worthwhile for your flooring business. 

Top Features of Retail Flooring Software 

Software for flooring business is multi-purpose and user-friendly, placing the necessary capabilities all within one platform. The following top features are only some of the offerings that make the software so versatile. 

Optimized Store Floor Plans: Customers appreciate a store layout that allows them to interact with the flooring samples and easily browse their options. Retail software enables you to understand the configuration of your flooring retail space to make the most of your physical space. Floor planning tools allow you to try out new store layouts to incorporate engaging displays and highlight new flooring offerings. 

Automated Planogram Tools: Approaching store planograms without prior experience can be intimidating. However, software tools automate much of the planogram designing process. This way, you can easily develop effective store planograms without having to be an expert, saving you time and resources that you can use elsewhere in your operations. Automated planograms use inventory data and your store’s dimensions to create smart planograms to display your flooring options.  

Data-backed Inventory and Category Management: One of the most useful outputs of retail software is data reports about product performance and inventory counts. With this information, you can track how well your customers respond to new products and make purchasing decisions based on your top performers. You can also group your products using principles of category management to gain more insights into your potential gaps in flooring offerings. 

Reduced Costs and Increased Sales: One of the greatest payoffs of retail flooring software is the ability to reduce costs and increase sales. Your retail business saves costs by condensing all important retail functions into one software and by making smarter purchases based on customer shopping trends. Sales increase when you offer products that shoppers want to buy and display those offerings with engaging layouts and product displays. 


Simplify Your Retail Flooring Business with Scorpion Planogram Software

Scorpion retail flooring software comes equipped with all the useful features of retail software for flooring retailers. Scorpion products produce impressive and professional store layouts and planograms with minimal effort. You can take your retail flooring business to the next level with Scorpion products and realize all the great benefits. To try out Scorpion products or speak with the Scorpion team about how to integrate software with your current setup, contact us here.