Put Your Best Foot Forward with Footwear Shop Software

Put Your Best Foot Forward with Footwear Shop Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

To keep up to date with the latest trends and shopping patterns, footwear stores need footwear shop software to develop efficient store planograms and creative floor layouts. The shoe buying process requires active customer service and an organized inventory system to provide shoppers with the right choices. Footwear store owners can save valuable resources with retail software to free time and money to improve the store and the overall shopping experience. 


Scorpion offers versatile retail software that combines important store planning, planogram, and category management tools. Even retailers with limited software experience can jump right into Scorpion software tools since they are user-friendly and intuitive. 


What Can Footwear Shops Use Retail Software For? 

  • Track sales and analyze trends: Even though shoe trends change with each season, people will consistently buy shoes to replace the old or to keep up with the new. Software tools enable you to track these changing buying trends and analyze your top performers.  
  • Design creative shoe displays: Shoe shopping is as much a visual experience as it is a tactile one. Footwear shop software gives you the platform to create unique shoe displays to draw customers in and make more sales.  
  • Organize inventory and develop categories: Inventory for shoe stores can be overwhelming with all the choices and variety of sizes you need to keep in stock. Quality software organizes your inventory and makes category management easier. Being organized in logistical aspects of your shoe business makes the sales floor run smoothly as well. 


How to Incorporate Footwear Shop Software in Your Business

  • Plan your shoe assortment. Assortment planning involves selecting your range of shoe offerings. Using local shopping trends and product availability, you can determine your list of inventory to go into your store planogram. 
  • Create a store planogram. Store planograms place all your inventory onto shelves and freestanding displays to fill your retail space. Software expedites this process with automation options. This way, you can try out different planogram options in a virtual rendering of your space before implementing the designs in your store. Some software even lets you view your designs in 3D to get a more realistic view of your designs. 
  • Implement your store plan. Once you have finalized your planogram designs, the next part is implementing those designs in the store. Planograms provide detailed information for those installing displays and stocking shelves so that every shoe has its place. 
  • Monitor feedback and data reports. These steps can repeat as you monitor the success of your store layouts and analyze data reports to see how your shoes are selling. You can decide when you want to begin reassessing your product offerings and displays based on this feedback and data insights. 


Scorpion Planogram Software Can Optimize Your Retail Business 

With Scorpion footwear shop software, each aspect of the store planning process flows into the next. All the features you need are in one platform, giving you professional results at an affordable price. Shoe stores are continually adjusting to new shopping habits, and Scorpion software is there for those changes and can adapt as your business adapts.