Why Make the Move to Cloud-based Inventory Management Software

Why Make the Move to Cloud-based Inventory Management Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Cloud-based inventory management software is the way forward for retail managers looking to keep up with the latest technology and maintain a smoothly run business. While you may be accustomed to a manual inventory process with physical pieces of paper with all your counts, a cloud-based system eliminates the need for hard copies of inventory. Virtual inventory systems reduce errors and keep everything stored in one, convenient place. 

Scorpion provides an ideal platform for cloud-based inventory that allows for easy integration across multiple retail locations. Before you make the switch to an inventory system that uses the cloud, you can consider the benefits and logistics of the transition. 


How Does the Cloud Improve Inventory Management? 

Cloud based-inventory management software improves the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of retail operations. The following benefits of incorporating the cloud into inventory management are just a fraction of the overall advantages. 

  • Inventory on the cloud is secure and easy to access. Storing inventory information on a cloud-based platform keeps those files protected from outside security threats yet easily accessible for members of your team either onsite or remote. 
  • Cloud-based inventory offers real-time count updates. Being able to check for live inventory updates reduces the chances of making a sale you cannot fulfill. In addition, you can give customers an accurate inventory status to alert low stock and restocked items.
  • Using automated inventory increases accuracy and frees up time for other projects. Inventory management that uses the cloud frees up valuable employee time, which can be directed at projects that need attention. You can use this saved time to improve the physical layout of your store.


Implementing Cloud-based Inventory Management Software

Integrating inventory with your other store planning functions is seamless with the right software. Some software providers bring together all essential retail store management features like category management, planogram design, and range planning to give you an all-inclusive retail software tool. Once you bring all these functions together, your business will run smoothly. However, as with any new change to your business, there may be a learning curve. 

Patience is important as you work to incorporate a new inventory system into your existing retail operations. Your team will need time to adjust and learn the software before a new routine becomes standard. Once you start navigating the software better, your retail business will begin to realize the benefits. 


Scorpion Software Smooths the Transition to the Cloud 

Scorpion cloud-based inventory management software is a great choice for retailers looking for one platform to house all their inventory and store planning software. The Scorpion platform is user friendly and cost effective, making it easy for any member of your team to learn and use the software. 

As your retail business grows, Scorpion software adapts to your changing needs and can scale up or down with your business. To stay current with the latest retail technology, consider Scorpion software to welcome effective tools and improve your business.