Leveraging Merchandising Planogram Software to Boost Sales

Leveraging Merchandising Planogram Software to Boost Sales 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Merchandising planogram software transforms your retail space into a visually interesting shopping space that your customers want to explore. When shoppers walk into your store, you want to draw them in with compelling shelf displays and strategic product placements that are made possible with the help of software. 

Effective merchandising can be the key to improving sales and fine tuning your store layout to optimize the shopping experience. Picking the right merchandising software that can transform your businesses is the first step in bringing your retail space to the next level. Scorpion software is there to help you understand how to leverage merchandising planograms in your store. 


What Can Merchandising Planogram Software Do?

How you display your products is equally important as what products you choose to stock. Planograms combined with merchandising techniques allow you to work within the parameters of your physical store and merchandising budget to maximize your sales. 

Merchandising planograms showcase your best sellers and nudge shoppers to consider new or underperforming stock items. Change is constant for retailers who try to keep up with consumer trends. Planograms help manage the challenge of balancing adequate inventory with a variety of choices. 

To make the most of your retail store’s physical space, planogram software produces optimal store layouts to place your displays and shelves in the best location. Taking measurements and configuring your store to hold inventory can be tedious if done by hand. Software automates much of the detailed measurement work to allow you to be creative with your designs. 

Behind the scenes, planogram software generates insightful data reports to help you gauge your inventory movement and identify areas of waste or opportunities for growth. These reports give you a more nuanced understanding of your products to make smarter purchasing decisions. Embracing data in retail merchandising can prove to be a powerful asset for your business. 


Examples of Successful Merchandising Planograms in Retail Spaces 

Retail merchandising can take many forms within your store, but the following are some ideas of how to apply merchandising planogram software in your space. 

  • Optimized shelf layouts: Strategically placed signs within shelves can bring a shopper’s attention to a special promotion or a new arrival. Also, arranging your shelf planogram by categories can create a browsing experience that makes sense to shoppers. 
  • Free-standing product displays: Curating an interactive free-standing display can make a customer’s time in your store more meaningful and more likely to result in a sale. 
  • Effective store flow: Effective merchandising relies on a store flow that allows shoppers to easily view new displays and see all the product offerings. 


How Scorpion Software Can Improve Your Retail Business 

Scorpion merchandising planogram software gives your retail business all the resources it needs to leverage merchandising and planogram techniques to boost your sales. With Scorpion’s user-friendly platform, you can start to incorporate fresh designs in your retail space. The planogram design process works within the parameters of your store and allows you creative freedom in how you place your inventory.