Visual Retailing Software Trends of 2023

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Visual retailing software continues to evolve to meet the needs of retailers and shoppers alike to improve the shopping experience. New retailing techniques incorporate technology in creative ways to draw a broader audience to retail stores. Retailers who stay on top of software trends can better leverage these tools to better their customer service and retail strategy to boost their performance. 

Scorpion software enables retailers to lessen the learning curve associated with software resources and start to see the immediate payoffs of a software investment. Scorpion platforms are cost-effective and give retailers the foundation needed to get ahead of retailing trends to give their business a competitive edge. 


Top Visual Retailing Trends Retailers Should Know 

  • Social media friendly store designs. Retail stores who create photo opportunities or Instagrammable moments in their store form a connection with social media users. In turn, your business gets a boost on social media without having to pay for extra marketing on these platforms. Retailing software allows you to account for these social media moments within your store layout. 
  • Accessible store layouts and displays. Retailers using visual retailing software need to be aware of how to create an accessible experience for all their potential shoppers. This means using store planning functions to create accessible features, like wider aisles, easy-to-reach displays, or clear signage. Retailers can use software to make their stores accessible to provide quality customer service to all their shoppers. 
  • Interactive and experiential shopping. Retailing software can put you in the shoes of your customers to help you brainstorm ways to make the shopping experience more interactive. The more people can interact with products or feel compelled to explore a display, the more those people will want to buy your merchandise. 
  • Partnerships with local brands. Shoppers tend to appreciate a local option if they come across them in a store. You can account for this trend in your stores by using software to design displays that highlight local brands in your store. 
  • Limited edition products and store pop-ups. Retailing software can adapt as you change your store offerings or want to incorporate limited edition products or occasional store pop-ups. Pop-ups can introduce your shoppers to a new product line and create interest in your retail store. Software can help you design within the physical limitations of your store to create temporary pop-up displays. 

Scorpion Offer Cutting-Edge Visual Retailing Software  

Scorpion visual retailing software is the perfect tool for retailers aiming to incorporate some of the latest visual retailing trends into their store. With Scorpion, retailers have professional planogram software at their fingertips to be able to think creatively about the potential of their store. Whether you want to install new product displays or implement a new store layout, Scorpion can make these changes happen.

The retail shopping experience is always changing and responding to the preferences of shoppers. To stay relevant, retail owners need to understand and adopt these trends. Retailers interested in adding Scorpion to their retailing strategy can schedule a free demo to test the products for themselves.