Integrating Electronic Shelf Label Software into Your Current Store Design

Integrating Electronic Shelf Label Software into Your Current Store Design 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Electronic shelf label software is the next improvement retail stores can make to bring their store up to speed with the latest retail technology. Making the switch to electronic labels is an investment, but retail stores will see improved sales and a better in-store shopping experience for their customers. On the operational side, retailers will be able to make changes to labels in real time without having to waste store resources on adjusting labels. 

The right software tool can help you plan the location of your electronic labels and respond to changing retail numbers to make sure your shelves stay stocked and your products perform strong. Learn more about electronic shelf labels and see how Scorpion software can help you make the switch in your stores. 

What Are Electronic Shelf Labels? 

Electronic shelf labels are digital displays that take the place of traditional paper shelf labels. The labels mainly indicate the pricing of an item, but electronic labels allow retailers more flexibility in the information that can communicate to shoppers. For example, electronic shelf labels can announce limited time sales, common product pairing, or other special promotions that may entice buyers. 

Each electronic label connects to an app that allows for a centralized system that your employees can use to update prices or promotions with the touch of a button. Electronic shelf label software provides retailers with a convenient platform to program each label with fuss or complications. 

How Electronic Shelf Labels Can Improve Your Business

Some types of retail technology pose more challenges than rewards for retailers, but electronic shelf labels do simplify tedious retail tasks that allow retailers to focus more of their time, energy, and resources on exciting projects. 

Supports Dynamic Pricing: One of the best features of electronic labels is the ability to adjust product pricing and implement new pricing in real-time. This feature allows you to respond to changing demand that happens more quickly than longer-term shopping trends. In addition, you can synchronize your changes so that they roll out at the same time. 

Easy Installation: Your existing shelf infrastructure may be able to support an electronic shelf system. If not, there are easy shelving systems that allow the electronic labels to snap into place and slide along a track, giving you plenty of flexibility in how you layout your shelves. 

Reduces Errors and Saves Time: Your retail store can bid goodbye to the tedious process of changing paper labels with electronic shelf label software. A digital system reduces the chance of errors that can become labor intensive to fix. 

Scorpion Store Planning Software Gives You a Head Start 

Scorpion electronic shelf label software gives retail businesses the opportunity to implement an electronic shelf label system without needing to know the ins-and-outs of a complicated software application. With Scorpion, your business can integrate your store planogram and planning efforts with an electronic label system to bring more coordination between your front- and back-end operations. Contact the Scorpion team to see a live demo of how Scorpion products can enhance your retail business.