Use Merchandise Planning Software to Help Your Store Transition Between Seasons

Use Merchandise Planning Software to Help Your Store Transition Between Seasons 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

When the seasons change, retail stores can take advantage of merchandise planning software to adapt to emerging trends and seasonal shopping preferences. Retail software allows your business to assess the performance of your consistent merchandise and look for opportunities to highlight limited edition products and try out seasonal displays in your store. The right software tool makes these seasonal changes seamless and effective in keeping your shoppers engaged with your store. 

Seasonal merchandising takes many forms, but your store can adjust these merchandising ideas to serve the more specific needs of your retail space. Utilizing the more interactive functions of Scorpion software, like 3D planogram viewing and dynamic floor planning, can help transform your retail space for the new season with minimal effort on your part. 


Effective Seasonal Retail Merchandising in Retail Stores

The key to implementing engaging seasonal products is how you create space for new items without sacrificing the performance of your year-round inventory. The following merchandising tips emphasize being creative with how you incorporate seasonal items while boosting your store’s overall sales. 

  • Make smart inventory purchases. It is important to conduct research ahead of purchasing seasonal merchandise to ensure that you buy a smart amount that does not leave you with an excess or shortage. Merchandise planning software is useful here to help track inventory in real time and help adjust for possible inventory woes that require attention. As you monitor your inventory numbers, you can anticipate inventory restocks or look for discount opportunities to help move extra inventory. 
  • Get creative with temporary displays and signage to reach a broader customer base. Seasonal inventory is not meant to last forever, so retailers can utilize temporary displays fit within their preexisting store layout to advertise new promotions. Eye-catching signage and end cap displays can excite shoppers and convince them to see what’s new in your store. Retail software makes the design process easy for anyone and produces effective displays as your store transitions into a new season. 
  • Integrate standard merchandise with seasonal promotional merchandise to boost overall sales. Retailers can bundle seasonal products with standard inventory items to increase sales for your store across the board. Retailers should not focus all their attention on seasonal merchandising to the point where your regular store inventory suffers. Instead, retailers can brainstorm creative product combinations and offer customers convenient displays to purchase the bundles you curate. 


Scorpion Merchandise Planning Software Simplifies Seasonal Merchandising

Retailers who use Scorpion merchandise planning software give their store a competitive edge as stores begin their transition to fall merchandise. Scorpion planogram software comes equipped with many useful features that are accessible to any retailer, no matter their software experience. The user-friendly software allows retailers to start making new designs right away and seamlessly implement their plans. 

Retailers should embrace the changing seasons and see that change as an opportunity to push seasonal merchandise in their stores to engage their shoppers and build a stronger customer case. Scorpion software is the only tool retail store owners need to improve their store and boost sales.