What is a Planogram in Merchandising?

What is a Planogram in Merchandising? 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Planograms aren’t new. In fact, retail stores first used these schematics or visual representations decades ago to help them improve product placement and drive sales. 

Since then, planograms are much more popular and a necessity for many of the most successful stores across the world due to the benefits they offer. But what makes planograms so important? Moreover, what do retailers need to know to get the best merchandising planogram on the market?

What is a Planogram in Merchandising?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a planogram is “a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail products on shelves in order to maximize sales.”

While planograms of the past were little more than blueprints that required significant time to design and implement, today’s planograms are much more robust.  

Thankfully, the advent of technological developments related to computers, the internet and app-based software resulted in visual merchandising software that enabled retailers to design and use planograms in less time. These sophisticated software guarantee effective product placement.

In addition, retailers can now design and implement planograms across multiple stores with greater ease since these tools enhance communication among retailers and their teams. Best of all, the most sophisticated of such programs offer 3D technology which enables both retailers and suppliers to visualize their products in a 3D environment. 

How to Use Planograms to Increase Sales 

3D planogram software is a fantastic tool for retailers seeking to increase sales! These tools work in a simple way to drive growth in retail sales: i.e. 3D planograms make it easy for retailers to view what customers see in a store. 

Imagine, unlike some software that only offers 2D placement, Scorpion Planogram enables users to render their 2D planograms in an immersive 3D environment. This means retailers using Scorpion Planogram can view fixtures from any angle or height, making it very easy to visualize how products will appear before a customer in any given store. 

Since retailers can better view products as their customers would, they are also more prepared to make product placement decisions that will drive sales.

In essence, sophisticated tools like 3D planogram software result in improved product placement which in turn increases sales. This occurs since customers will more easily find those products they want most. 

Choose Planogram Software that Guarantees Excellent Customer Experience

When retailers choose the most advanced planogram on the market, they aren’t just joining a host of other retailers who want to drive sales. They are making an informed decision and prioritizing customer experience.

After all, customers remember how they felt when they visit a given store. They are more likely to remain loyal to your store if you consistently provide the products they need and make the customer experience an excellent one.

The best planogram tools guarantee effective product placement while driving sales and improving customer experience on a consistent basis.

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