How Suppliers Showcase Value, Negotiate Shelf Space and Secure Buy-in With Scorpion Planogram Software

How Suppliers Showcase Value, Negotiate Shelf Space and Secure Buy-in With Scorpion Planogram Software 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Planogram software is an essential advantage for suppliers of any industry. After all, these tools help suppliers showcase value and negotiate increase in shelf space with retail customers where necessary.

Consider this product as an enhanced relationship management tool, not just a software to showcase goods. That’s because planogram software empowers both the supplier and the retailer as they strive to get the best products into the hands of consumers. 

Let’s face it: suppliers and retailers need each other! Since suppliers don’t sell products to consumers directly, they need retailers to act as an intermediary between them and the consumer. 

The challenge suppliers face relates to how best they negotiate with retailers to ensure their products get the right amount of shelf space. They also need to make sure retailers shelf their goods in optimal locations. 

After all, products best positioned in stores are more likely to generate significant sales and result in satisfied retailers who, in turn, purchase more products from suppliers. That’s where using the best planogram software comes in.

Suppliers Strategically Showcase Value with Planograms

A supplier needs to build relationships with their clients to ensure products reach the marketplace and attract consumers. 

It’s much easier to increase the buy-in when retailers see exactly what they’ll buy as well as how these products will appear when shelved in stores. 

Scorpion planogram software provides a powerful tool through which suppliers showcase their products. Both small-scale suppliers and large suppliers within various industries benefit when they use planograms for demonstration purposes! 

In addition, the most effective retail planogram software can be customized for suppliers — whether they seek a simple planogram tool or one that suits more complex needs. 

Suppliers Negotiate Optimal Shelf Space with 3D Planograms

Though it is the supplier that provides the products, retailers control the space in which customers showcase their buying power. This space, the retail store, often contains fixtures and free-standing display units where retailers store and shelf products. 

When consumers enter a store, the product assortments they see in the store and the amount of space each product category receives is largely based on the retailer’s judgement. 

Suppliers often need to negotiate for greater space. 

Those who use 3D planogram technology are better equipped to negotiate for greater or more optimal space for the goods they supply. 3D retail software showcases how a product would look in a store with amazing precision. 

But how does this technology work? 

Suppliers first design representations of their products in a 2D setting. They then, with the click of a mouse, render these 2D images of their products in an immersive 3D environment. Since the tools feature an easy-to-use interface, suppliers spend less time designing professional planograms. In fact, suppliers can easily create accurate fixtures in minutes as well simply by using 3D planograms. 

Since these planograms offer immersive graphics, retailers can see exactly what they’ll get if they purchase these products.

What better way to show value than with proof any retailer can view and understand in real-time? 

Why Use Data-rich Planograms to Secure Buy-in?

Another advantage of using retail planogram software relates to the fact that these tools provide intelligent insights essential for buy-in presentations.

Whether suppliers are small or multinational companies, the best retail planograms offer insights that showcase how well products will sell based on their position on retail shelves. 

This insight provides important validation for suppliers who must convince retailers that their products will generate impressive sales. The insights also help retailers make more informed decisions regarding category management since they’ll see where best to shelf product assortments of varying categories in their stores.

In essence, data-rich planograms provide visual proof of the value a supplier’s products offer retailers. Most importantly, they guarantee strong business relationships between suppliers and their clients. 

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