Planogram Software for Every Kind of Merchandising

Planogram Software for Every Kind of Merchandising 150 150 Scorpion Planogram

Our planogram software is a reliable and intuitive program that handles the basic functions of planogram displays, while also offering more powerful features that can support your visual merchandising strategies and tighter inventory management. Some suppliers and retailers struggle with effectively communicating aisle and shelf designations, especially with retail stores in which modular shelving units and higher employee turnover lead to errors with standard planogram compliance.

Explore our planogram features. Software resources often start with planogram design, but many of our clients also find tremendous value in 3D visualization, automation, and category management. Our IT performance makes data management, infrastructure and security easy and efficient without sacrificing user-friendly performance. You’ll still have reliable communication and easy integration with systems that are in the established IT system and infrastructure of your company.

Who Needs Planogram Software?

Across numerous retail sectors, companies of all sizes now make use of planogram software. Traditional print planograms have given way to dynamic digital planograms that are easier to design and to communicate to relevant team members. Across many industries and retail sectors, these planogram and visual merchandising resources has become less of a luxury that sets the top companies apart and more of the industry norm.

Retail companies of all sizes use planogram software, and depending on the company, many different types of employees may be involved. Larger companies may have a dedicated visual merchandising employee (or even a manager overseeing a visual merchandising team). In contrast, smaller companies may designate various members of the advertising/marketing/sales team with these tasks. Moreover, Scorpion makes it easier to cross-train employees and create redundancies so that planogram design and compliance never gets overlooked again.

Powerful features and user-friendly performance make our software a popular choice for both smaller and larger retailers and merchandising suppliers. Our clients include retailers who haven’t opened their doors yet are still developing their retail floor plan. They also include multinational brands with complex planogram priorities across numerous locations and retail sectors.

New Relationships between Retailers and Suppliers

It’s also true that suppliers are taking a more hands-on role with planogram and merchandising displays. In fact, some suppliers now offer their own planogram resources to retailers as part of their agreement. Retailers can adopt and automate these supplier planograms with incredible speed and accuracy. This allows smaller and independent retailers to leverage some of the same resources that brand stores get from corporate headquarters. Meanwhile, suppliers can earn new retail clients and shelf placement. More reliable communication means more universal adoption and greater predictability and control over inventory management. Here, too, Scorpion offers personalized planogram systems that hold immense value for retailers and suppliers alike.